Written features on the art and art technology of games are to become an integral feature of Dead End Thrills in 2014 and beyond. This is the culmination of years of experience in games journalism, web development, and screen capture as both hobby and profession. A ‘dry run’ of features took place on popular PC games site Rock, Paper, Shotgun over a period of several months, confirming the desire for insightful interview-based coverage of videogame art conducted and, importantly, illustrated with an attention to detail worthy of the games themselves. Bringing the features ‘home’ to Dead End Thrills itself is a vital next step if they’re to achieve their potential. As a sophisticated, altruistic venture with no review component and a growing fan base, the site is supremely equipped to deliver features that benefit everyone involved, from developer to reader. Informative and written without ego or ulterior motive, they are a counterpart to DET’s existing content that’s been planned since the beginning. DET’s layout, designed to deliver super-high-resolution imagery in an ad-free environment, has provided a foundation for articles that enjoy the best of two worlds: print and online. Inline images appear at a size that’s crisp and vibrant without any need for pop-ups or links; text columns ensure comfortable reading at even fullscreen resolutions; and the layout adapts to support tablets and mobiles. Moreover, the fluid image grid that drives the site’s galleries and front page is seamlessly embedded to deliver additional assets. DET is a fully responsive site that is always high-res, whatever the resolution. The desire to recapture some of what makes print media special isn’t limited to layout. By requesting studio visits where appropriate, pursuing unique and less obvious imagery, and conducting on-site photography, the plan is for an enduring finesse that’s become somewhat unfashionable in the rush for deadlines and hits. As you’ll see below, these values are shared by the site’s partner in this endeavour, game art dealer Cook & Becker.
Features By Dead End Thrills
State Of The Art
International art dealership Cook & Becker specialises in next-gen digital art, game art and concept art from the world’s best contemporary artists, designers and studios. It focuses on individual artists and studios that play a leading role in shaping our visual culture. It has a proven track record of selling and shipping hundreds of works of art to all continents and over 30 countries. With a mission to raise the bar for digital art reproduction, working on a personal basis with artists and studios to make their work look as good as possible, C&B is the perfect partner for Dead End Thrills as it looks to better explore the world – and worlds – of videogame art. For readers, this means better access to game makers without any of the compromises that normally entails. DET has not sold out or been forced to temper or adjust its enthusiasm for games and their developers. It will not suddenly start covering junk or pandering to big-name publishers. Its objective has always been to achieve the perfect balance of interests to overcome the assumed hurdles of games media, covering games likely and unlikely with equal rigour. Features are step one. Once established, they’ll be joined by several unprecedented attempts to bring the worlds of videogames further and further out of gameplay, making them accessible to everyone.
Partnered With Cook & Becker