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[GUIDE] Hitman Absolution



  • Hi, thanks for the CE table jim2point0, just one question (hope I won't sound too ignorant): how do I hide the HUD?
    Thanks in advance.
  • MichaWha said:

    Hi, thanks for the CE table jim2point0, just one question (hope I won't sound too ignorant): how do I hide the HUD?
    Thanks in advance.

    play in purist difficulty
  • Okay, thanks for the reply!
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    Often the camera coordinates and FOV changes just stop working for me. If I disable the CE table and then load it up again it still won't work, so I need to restart the game a lot. Is that normal? :(

    Timestop and camera locking work fine all the time even when the coordinates dont.

    EDIT: Hmm it seems to depend on the level and checkpoint area. It works all the time in some areas, but in others it will stop working.
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    I've never had it not work for me, weird.

    If you find an area where it doesn't work, let me know and I can try it there.
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    Another little update: if it doesn't work I can load a checkpoint where it always works and then load the other back in and it will work again.

    If that's complicated to understand here is an example: The camera coords don't work for me if I load the first checkpoint of the the tutorial level (the Greenhouse bit), but if I load up the start of the level again (where it always works first time) and THEN load the greenhouse checkpoint back in again, it will work.

    I don't know why. Just to clarify I am using the Steam version so I have the same exe and everything, it's not some dodgy pirate copy. If you want to test anything try the Greenhouse checkpoint. But I guess it will be very hard to diagnose the problem without actually doing it on my computer if I'm the only one with this issue. I'm not expecting a fix. :)

    I am also having crashes sometimes when using the camera, I will fly around a bit and then it will just freeze and crash. Very annoying when I have to play on the highest difficulty.

    Also on that topic, is there no way you found to disable the HUD without playing on the highest difficulty? I like having stupid enemies in my photo-tours so nothing hampers my progress but it makes it very challenging. I might just need to download another trainer to run at the same time that gives me invisibility or godmode or something >_<
  • I think maybe you aren't using my latest table. It contains a stealth cheat :P

    The only time I've ever experienced crashes is when scripts are active while a level is loading. That will defintiely cause a crash. I think I bound alt+numpad 5 to disable all running scripts. That way if I die or I load another level, it wont crash. Other than that, it was very stable throughout the game.

    I used the table for the entire first level without any issues as well. Really strange....

    And I know of no way to remove the HUD. I've searched and searched and found nothing.
  • Im new to this, so i was wondering how and where do i put the codes to get the free cam mode to work in game, i'm clueless!
  • I thought Jim made a post about how to use Cheat Engine with tables but I can't seem to find it due to the search currently not working,

    You'll need to download Cheat Engine (CE), install CE, run the game, start CE and select the running process to be the game you just started, then add select the script that you want to run (the one you download from the OP of this topic) and follow the rest of the instructions in the OP. Let me know if you need any more detailed instructions.
  • I'm confused guys. When I try to download this .CT it comes up with a wall of text instead of a .CT file, unlike some of the other [GUIDE] files on the website. Is it broken? Or do I have to do something else with the text/script I'm given?

    If so, could someone tell me how to go about doing that, or point me in the right direction if there is a guide on this website? I did look, couldn't find anything. I checked Google on turning scripts into .CT files, got as far as autoassemble on Cheat Engine but it was too complicated and I gave up. Kept coming up with various errors. My brain popped.

    If it is just broken, could it get fixed ASAP? Thank you for any replies, in advance.
  • right click > save as
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    It's crazy how often you need to teach people that you can right click a link to save a file :P

    I'll fix the links in the OP so you don't have to do that.

    EDIT: Done.
  • Yeah... fuck you Apple.
  • Thanks jim2point0. I wasn't expecting a reply, especially from the topic owner admittedly, so I am very grateful. I had originally tried to save as a file prior but it saved as an icon looking like a piece of paper with the Cheat Engine logo inside, I probably did it wrong - or I should of saved by right clicking the link, not the text that came up from clicking it. I also ended up with some kind of .CEA file too. I'm not too much of a wizard with computers, sorry. Sorry to put you about. At the very least, hopefully it will help the next person who comes along. :)

    Thanks for your help, anyway, and thank you for taking the time to produce the cheat table/trainer doodad. Should be able to finish my graphic arts Entropy project now with some of the screenshots I capture. Hopefully my tutor hasn't played Hitman Absolution before.
  • how can i activate that "table" in hitman absolution
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