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[GUIDE] Need For Speed: Most Wanted

No HUD, Free Camera, Timestop, etc etc

TocaEdit's cam mod.

Download that and place the version.dll in your installation directory (easiest method).

The HUD toggle removes the menu when you pause the game, so you can control the camera while the game is paused!

How to use it:
Press escape to pause game.
Press Numpad * to enable mod
Press Numoad 9 to enable free look
Press Numpad 0 to enable mouse control
Press Numpad 7 to disable HUD

When you're done screenshotting a scene, Press Numpad 9 to disable the free cam and return to the normal game cam. You won't need to press Numpad * or Numpad 0 again.

Changing Time of Day

Jim2point0's Cheat Engine table with time of day script

This script enables control of the game's gradual time of day cycle for manual control.

1. Start game and wait until you have control of your car.
2. Point table to game executable
3. Press F4 to enable script
4. (-) and (+) keys to change time of day (the ones next to backspace). Hold ctrl to advance time further.

A Few Tricks

Use ReShade
The game does not, unfortunately, allow you to access its pretty nice DoF effect. To help make the cars stand out, you can use the motion blur to create a similar quality in the background. This will also allow you to greatly emphasize the motion blur if you like.
Simply flick the camera stick (using a controller, I assume the camera is the mouse otherwise) right before pausing. Depending on how far and quickly you move the stick, as well as when you press pause, you will get different sorts of motion blur, big or small. I find smaller blur to be nice, as it does a good job of emulating DoF, and poses less likelihood of making the road directly beneath the tires blurry (which makes things strange lookin).
Note two things:
A. The other cars are not blurred out. In most instances this looks okay, but for say, traffic, it looks strange. Depends on the angle.
B. The FOV is zoomed in, and if you were to see the same shot zoomed further out, the motion blur on the back wall would be less exaggerated. This both makes sense, and is very nice, since it is accurate for DoF as well as motion blur.
Very Shallow DoF
There is a way to get the actual DoF shader though, but the drawback is that it is incredibly shallow, with a razor edge and no transition. The focal point is about a foot away. To get it, freecam way off into the distance, or under the map, and things will get blurry. Then reset the camera. When you return things will still be blurry.

The game has adaptive (HDR?), thus making things dark when viewing bright areas, and brighter for dark areas. The transition is quite slow though, but does occur during the pause screen, so you can use this to 'trick' the exposure, but you have to say, stare at something bright, then reframe very quickly. Headlights are useful for this, as well as the shadows under cars.

Thanks to Jim2point0 for the original post.


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