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  • edited April 2014
    I'm trying to use the screenshot cvar in Prey (an older id Tech game) and the syntax I've found for this is a bit different to what you show above. Is this something that has changed in the latest engine?

    I've been trying to use screenshot 1920 1080 64 but the resulting image is actually blurier than if I did a plain screenshot 1920 1080. What does this command value actually do? Originally I though this was the amount of MSAA that was being applied against the one image but that does not seem to be the case.

    I also can't seem to render above my max resolution reliably even when using windowed mode + two monitors.

    I did find some cvars that seem to allow a larger image to be rendered but I don't think I'm using them accurately.

    r_pbufferrenderw 6400
    r_pbufferrenderh 3600

    Using the above but it doesn't seem to apply any AA at all to the final image and I'm only able to render an image once and then the render window becomes so small (zoomed in) that I can't see anything. Vid_restart doesn't even help as it ends up crashing the Engine. Anyone know what these pbuffer commands are for and how they are used? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    [Edit] Got the pbuffershot working reliably. It may have been due to using the screenshot command first causing problems.
  • The 64 samples you're asking for are basically jittering the image to apply the antialiasing, which inevitably makes everything a lot softer. You could try lowering the number of samples to something more conventional like 8 or 16, or just take the shot at a massive resolution instead. You should be able to do this by running the game windowed and resizing. Experiences with a certain upcoming id Tech game, though, suggest that the multisample parameter breaks if the res is too high. 4K with 64 samples should look pretty damn fine, tbh.
  • Wolfenstein? The Evil Within? (What has he been playing?)
  • @djh_
    Thanks for confirming the 64 samples. I will try 8 or 16 and see how that compares to the pbuffer image. At 64 times it is noticeably softer than the pbuffer shot or native FRAPS capture I took to compare to.

    FRAPS 1920 1080 4xMSAA + EdgeAA - Sikkmod postFX color grading is not captured

    screenshot 1920 1080 64 - noticeably blurrier than the other two.

    pbuffer 6400 3600 - Sikkmod postFX (DoF,glare...) are applied to the game resolution. These can be bumped to compensate.

    I can confirm that running the game windowed and resizing the window with SRWE did not work for me. I even tried arranging my two monitors so they had the collective resolution to fit the new window size.
  • How do you get your character model in shots? I've noticed Duncan has been doing that in his Rage shots so I'm curious. A few examples:


  • You have to dig up all the entity definitions from the script files in the Mod Kit version of Rage. Then you can use the spawn command to drop them into the map. They're extremely difficult to work with because you can only use their head-tracking to manipulate them, combined with the g_stoptime function, and half the time they don't even notice you. You can imagine how much harder that gets with two characters.

    The other issue you'll run into is that you can only use the entity definitions that are embedded into the map you're on, for the point of the game you're at. If you try one that's invalid then it crashes back to the menu.

    Unless you're happy taking boring old shots of the characters just standing there, for which you may as well just play the game normally, this isn't something to be tackled lightly. That shot of Loosum Hagar looking over the big widescreen wasteland took about seven hours to get right. The lighting in the game is extremely hard to wrangle even when dropping in point lights manually, and that's after you've found the one-in-a-million angle where the textures don't look shit. It's a horrible game to work with.
  • Jesus. 7 hours...

    *runs away screaming*

    That's dedication I don't have. I just figured I'd jump into the game seeing as I'm a bit familiar with the process of taking Id Tech 5 screenshots but... eh. I guess I'll continue on and see if there are any shots worth taking in the game as I go.
  • I'd say that was the most extreme example but there was that day I dedicated to two shots I didn't even use. It's just so hard to make the visuals click in this game.
  • I'm back to Rage after a long time and g_stoptime command don't work anymore...?!? any advice?
  • I'm back to Rage after a long time and g_stoptime command don't work anymore...?!? any advice?

    Works fine for the 64bit executable. I was just messing around in that game the other day.
  • in 64 bit works every command

    in 32 bit works only

    no hands/hud
    and some standard commands
  • 64bit works no longer for me...maybe i must re-install the game!

  • Guys! How knows how to solve a problem with "pixel" DoF? I used console commands for it.

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  • @pinokkio
    Pixel DOF? Not that I know much about the DOF in Rage but what's the problem your having?
  • One3rd said:

    Pixel DOF? Not that I know much about the DOF in Rage but what's the problem your having?

    The nearest textures became pixel when I turn dof on..
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