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    Another I'm on the fence about (Call of Juarez: Gunslinger)


    Need to create a guide thread for every Techland game. Should be easy enough. Dev menu commands are the same in every one....
    K_putt said:

    Why do you think this picture isn't good enough?

    Wasn't sure about the use of camera tilt. Or if I set up the framing as good as I could have. I took all these Call of Juarez shots recently and when I went looking through them, I didn't really want to upload any because I didn't think they that great. I blame you, for just knocking it out of the park with that game.
  • Well, i like that one. You could've moved the camera a bit more to the right so that this tree is on the picture. But besides that i don't know whats wrong?

    Why do you think this picture isn't good enough?
  • I personally like this image. It's simple, but captures the scale of the city well. Opinions?
  • I think the aspect ratio undercuts the verticality of the image. That and the the building lines sort of lead into the lower center, which is a less than dynamic area for the eye to catch, coupled with the drab building roof that occupies it. The helicopter and guy do a great job of establishing the scale, but their placement (i know, its multiplayer, haha), isn't quite dynamic enough. Seeing the street is also nice, thanks to the debris, and I think from this general area, re-aligning the shot to lead towards the burning tree would be a good call. Its in a good spot by way of the AR framing, but again, the building lines. Having the helicopter above the parchuter, both of which aligned up towards the tree then, would be nice as well. And... maybe a bit forward (down), so that the left and middle buildings extended past the frame, but we still get a bit of the roof of the one on the right.
  • Only one shot I find interesting enough to be posted here. You guys tell me.

  • Only one shot I find interesting enough to be posted here. You guys tell me.

    Meaning "bad enough to be posted here"? :D

    Now seriously, it's a cool shot, I like it very much. The only thing I would nitpick is the chopped off mountain top to the right. If you have moved the camera a little either up or down, it would be great! This way it's just by a few pixels cut off which really bothers me xD

    PS: Just noticed in a full screen view that there is a character standing in the bottom of the picture, who kinda stands in the way of lens flare. So I would place him/her in some place more visible, or not at all in this shot. Cheers!
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    There's a character in the shot! Heh. I also didn't notice that at first.

    This is me being about as harsh a critic as I can be (because it's Skyrim): it's a pretty standard scenery shot. I feel like the star of the show is that lens flare and pretty bright colors. Not so much what's actually in the image or the composition. It wows you at first, but other than that it's not too memorable.
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    Let's see if this image upload thingy works;)
    Another BF4 scene:
    bf4 2014-02-11 22-25-44-55_crop
    Not sure if the leaves in the wind makes it look better or way worse:p
  • Mihal and James : you're both right. That Lydia feels just misplaced here, and the shot wasn't enough thought by any means. This thread will be as a new experience to me, since I have to drop the "let's show my effects" thing (you're right again James) but it will be refreshing and all about improving my skills (tons to do) in screenarchery.
    And Mihal, true, that mountain bugged me to no end... even with uGrids 11, LOD in TESV is a neverending pain.
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    [MOD EDIT] Removed because I can't tell if you want criticism or not. You say you like it and cite a few issues with Windows 8 and SFX.
  • Hi everyone! I think this is one of my better shots overall, but I'm still a neophyte when it comes to screenshots so I'd love to get some of your feedback. (Dark Souls)

    DATA 2014-02-02 11-54-56-62
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    We're slacking on the feedback. I'm not so great at it but....
    kx11 said:


    This does nothing for me. Feels like too much empty space and lacks any kind of focus.
    gunderic said:

    DATA 2014-02-02 11-54-56-62

    I would have played with the gauss shader (the DSfix one) to try and brightening up the background a bit (increasing the top 3 values a little at a time). That dark sky behind an already dark dragon dulls up the overall image since we're seeing the side of the dragon that isn't getting hit by any light.
  • Cool, thanks Jim! I actually haven't messed with the DSFix's gauss shader at all (only became aware of it the last couple days or so). Definitely will have to do some tinkering with that.

  • Please does anyone know why I have shots from Dark Souls with SweetFx darker than the game?
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    Personally like those two for different reasons. You guys tell me.
    Still unsure about the first, maybe I should have set a portrait on that one.


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