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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag



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    (table not working)

    Unsure. I haven't played this since updating the table and finishing the game but I just tried to launch it and it is doing a 700MB update...which depending on what is changed in that update might be why the table isn't working for you.I'll have a look and see if it still works for me.

    Edit: It doesn't. Camera AOB script doesn't work and it looks like the opcode used previously doesn't as well which would require someone to re-find the camera structure. The pause script still seems to work, which is good, but the HUD script seems to still disable the HUD but not re-enable (unless it uses a different key for this that I'm not remembering). Some of the other scripts aren't working as well which is a bummer.

    I didn't have much time to look at it and since it seems that more than just the camera is going to need some work I'm not too keen to jump back in to fix the CE table. If I do play it again I'll be sure to update this topic with any changes I come across though.
  • Sounds like the same thing that happened with AC3 recently. Out of the blue they released an update and it caused my camera to fail. I guess it has something to do with uplay perhaps, but other than that I have no idea why they even updated this old stuff.
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    Chinese simplified support I believe, there's been depots viewable in SteamDB for several Creed games for a while hinting at support for this localization which I assume also updated the game exe and broke existing tables, trainers and utilities due to swapping the memory addresses around that were previously used to hook these functions. :)
    Ubisoft is moving to a more long term support model but it's interesting to see games as old as Assassin's Creed 2 being updated. Guess they must have gotten the OK to release the games in China recently possibly pending some tweaks due to very strict guidelines for acceptable content.

    EDIT: As such.

    AC2 Localization Test


    And then in the depots the TChinese one (Traditional as it turns out, not Simplified.) matches in date. :)

    Same for some of the others.


    (Main depot for this one, not a separate one.)

    (Simplified here, also Korean support.)

    And since about a month back (Migrated over to the public branch about a week ago.) Black Flag or AC4

    Nothing for Rogue yet though it might already have support or perhaps it's next along with Unity and Syndicate and then probably Origins after that.
    (But Origins unlike the rest is still actively supported at least for a little while longer, Curse of the Pharaoh's just came out and then a few days after that update 1.4.1 fixed a long list of issues with the DLC and base game and there's probably some more weekly challenges and content packs such as the data mined Far Cry Primal items.)
  • I'd be interested in an updated table myself. Trying to use ones from last year or older seem broken.
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