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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag



  • Wow! Those worked right away. Thanks Jim!
  • Jim, do you know if there is a way to have SRWE hotsample changes so that the target window (game) doesn't take focus after the resolution change? The game pauses when you alt-tab in windowed mode. If we can change the resolution without having to go back into the game then we can have a (very) rough pause camera with rotation and tilt.
  • No idea there.
  • Good thought but I ended up looking for it in how it behaved directly during loss of focus. I have a working pause by searching for that pause-on-loss-of-focus after sleeping on what I posted above. I was thinking the other night about how the game would pause a couple of seconds after alt-tabbing and thought it was worth looking for the actual byte value being incremented. Looked at how this value was stored in PoP (older version of same engine?) and searched for the same thing.

    Found it by searching for a 4-byte value that was; 0-game running, 1-game paused.
    1. Search increased/decreased while alt-tabbing in windowed mode (useful to see when it pauses the engine).
    2. then scan for exact value of 0 and 1 until the list was less than 100 and not changing.
    3. toggle half of the values to 0 while alt-tabbed out until seeing the game un-pause.
    4. whittle the list down until the specific address is identified.
    5. Find opcode (out of 30 odd) that only writes to the one address. Use this to grab the pause address.
    6. Just toggle value to pause game, camera addresses can be overridden without disabling opcodes while game is paused.

    Seems to be working so far but sometimes results in warped environment or missing lighting effects. The camera control is a matrix same as PoP which requires 8 keys and infinite amounts of patience to drive.

    I'd hazard a guess that this same thing would work in many of the AnvilNext (and probably Anvil as well) Engine based games.
  • edited December 2015
    Here is a quick post for now. Jim, you OK with me adding this to the bottom of the OP as an alternate table?

    Merged pause camera Cheat Table

    You'll need to click the above link to save the table.

    1. Open the game
    2. Open the table and attach it to "AC4BFSP.exe"
    3. check the "ToggleHud" box to enable the script. I don't have a key bound to that currently. Do the same with sun and time of day scripts if you want those. These can all be enabled or disabled at any time.
    4. Use PageDown to toggle Camera, Delete for Pause, and numpad 1 for cheats.
    5. In-game, press [P] to pause game and [Shift] + [P] to un-pause.

    Using the free camera & fov
    Move the camera = Numpad 4, 6, 8, 2 (for WASD style movement)
    Straight up and down =Numpad 9 and 3
    Increase\decrease FOV = Numpad plus and minus
    Camera rotation = 4 pairs of keys for rotation [I , K] , [J , L] , [O , .] , [U , M]

    Due to the game using a rotation matrix these 4 paired values work together to rotate the camera. It is a pain in the ass and frustrating at the best of times but after some trial and error you may be able to move the camera without pulling your hair out. It's not the best solution but not much else I can do at this point to make it easier to control.

    ** Note: There are possible immersion breaking issues with this pause method. Not least of which are:
    1. That it can crash the game outright at random times
    2. Render a black screen requiring a restart
    3. Empty out the entire contents of the Caribbean Sea resulting in your ship falling off the edge of the world
    4. Warp character meshes in a manner befitting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

    You have been warned!
  • Feel free to add whatever you want. Or... remove the original table entirely if this one is better.
  • Update: Added Alternate table and HUD shader toggles to OP.

    BTW, where did the all encompassing list of guides go? Can't seem to find it.
  • I edited it and forgot to click he sticky. Hold on....
  • Can you explain to me about this part again? because I cant seem to get the time of day to work
    "Control with [ , ], ALT + [ and ALT + ] "
    Thank you!
  • I think you just need to enable the script while in game (by pressing "numpad6") and then use the "[" and "]" keys to change the TOD. For sun position press "numpad7" to enable it and then "ALT" + "[" and "]" to change it's position. When enable/expand the script do you see values being populated in CE?
  • Hi all.
    I received this game on Steam as gift a few months ago, but never really played it until now. I followed all the instructions to make SRWE work with it, but sadly no matter what I do I keep getting black borders with every custom resolution I set.

    Any advice?
  • Black Flag is 16:9 only, so you'll always get letterboxing. I used resolutions like 7680x4320 and cropped to get 21:9 shots.
  • Ahh that makes sense now. I thought it was some issue in my configuration somehow.

    Thank you jim :)
  • Nika said:

    Ahh that makes sense now. I thought it was some issue in my configuration somehow.

    Thank you jim :)

    The patcher to make it run in window mode worked with your version? I also have the steam version but the patcher kept telling me I had to copy it into the game folder (which it already was ;)).
  • I just started playing Black Flag. I have used cheat tables in the past for access to the free cam for screenshots. But I am unable to get the Alternate CE Table With Pause Camera to run in the game. It pops up on the CT and I selected the HUD box as mentioned by the OP. But none of the hotkeys work. Is this still a working ct or is there a newer thread/download somewhere?
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