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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag



  • edited July 2014
    I can really only test it on the version I have (Steam). But it's worked for 4 different patch versions so far. I've used the mission replay to go back to sections in the beginning of the game as well.

    There are certain campaign missions that disable time of day changes, but if you're out free roaming, it should always work.

    It also works in the DLC (unless restricted by a campaign mission).
  • A ha! You may be onto something there...I don't always know if a quest is active so that may well be the issue.
  • Um, i have a problem. When i click ''Download the table'' it just opens a new tab, the tab contains a huge amount of text.
  • Normally when that happens, you right click -> save link as

    But I've updated the link. It will now give you a download page.
  • Getting tired of answering the same old basic question, are you Jim?
  • Yeah, but it's partially my fault. It took me a while to realize that dropbox does give you a link you can give people that presents them with a download button. So I've been using that for all of my recent tables.
  • Me thinks I found out what my issue is. This table may not be compatible with my version of the game. How do I find out what version of AC4 I have?
  • BTW....my issue is the Sun Position script makes the game CTD and the Time of Day just doesn't work at all....and no I don't have any missions active. I've 100% synced the game. :)
  • Where did you get the game from? You're probably better off just updating to the latest version whether it's on Uplay or Steam. I'll see if anyone else is having the same problem.
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    Just tested the latest version of the game (I have it though Steam).

    Time of day works.
    Sun position works.
    Hud toggle works.
    Camera script works.

    If you're having trouble enabling some scripts with hotkeys, just try manually activating them by clicking.

    If you want to do sun position and time of day at the same time, activate sun position first.
  • Is there any functionality to pause time in game to take shots?
  • There is not. I've tried. The game goes into slow motion when you do assassinations from above, but I was never able to track down the gamespeed address from that.
  • Is there any functionality to pause time in game to take shots?
  • Does the SRWE hotsampling still work with this game? Tried this morning and it seems to limit me to to a 3012x1932 window.
  • edited December 2015
    According to AnyoneInCherno, it works.

    As I recall, I needed special settings for AC4 to work. Try and load these profiles and let me know what happens.

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