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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Free Camera + FOV Cheat Engine Table
Download the table

1. Open the game
2. Open the table and attach it to "AC4BFSP.exe"
3. Press numpad1 to enable the main camera and togglehud script.

Using the free camera & fov
Move the camera = I J K L (for WASD style movement)
Straight up and down = U and O
Increase\decrease FOV = plus and minus (number row)

Time of Day Control
Enable Time of Day Control = Numpad 6
Increase \ Decrease = [ ]
Enable Sun Position Control = Numpad 7
Increase \ Decrease = ALT + [ ]

* sun position spins the sun around as if its orbiting the earth - this will change lighting and shadows

Alternate CE Table With Pause Camera

Download Alternate Pause Camera CE Table

1. Open the game
2. Open the table and attach it to "AC4BFSP.exe"
3. check the "ToggleHud" box to enable the script. I don't have a key bound to that currently. Do the same with sun and time of day scripts if you want those. These can all be enabled or disabled at any time.
4. Use PageDown to toggle Camera, Delete for Pause, and numpad 1 for cheats.
5. In-game, press [P] to pause game and [Shift] + [P] to un-pause.

Using the free camera & fov
Move the camera = Numpad 4, 6, 8, 2 (for WASD style movement)
Straight up and down =Numpad 9 and 3
Increase\decrease FOV = Numpad plus and minus
Camera rotation = 4 pairs of keys for rotation [I , K] , [J , L] , [O , .] , [U , M]
Cheats - Numpad 1
Sun and TOD scripts - enable script manually in CE by toggling the value. Control with [ , ], ALT + [ and ALT + ]
Due to the game using a rotation matrix these 4 paired values work together to rotate the camera. It is a pain in the ass and frustrating at the best of times but after some trial and error you may be able to move the camera without pulling your hair out. It's not the best solution but not much else I can do at this point to make it easier to control.

** Note: There are possible immersion breaking issues with this pause method. Not least of which are:
1. That it can crash the game outright at random times
2. Render a black screen requiring a restart
3. Empty out the entire contents of the Caribbean Sea resulting in your ship falling off the edge of the world
4. Warp character meshes in a manner befitting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Windowed Mode
Download the patcher


Copy it to your AC4 install directory, launch it, type y and press ENTER. Patching will start.
Pressing only enter will give you info about current mode.

Patching again will revert all changes.

In action:

High Resolution Screenshots
1. You'll want to get the game into Windowed mode. There's a way to trick it into windowed mode with SRWE, but I think the patcher is much easier.
2. Launch the game in Windowed mode.
3. Alt-tab to SRWE. Open "AC4BFSP.exe" and then switch over to the Window Styles tab. Check the following options:
4. Switch back to the general tab to change the window size for a high resolution capture. I'd recommend saving a profile after you find a resolution you want to switch to for faster switching. Create a profile for your gameplay resolution as well.

* If you open the game in full screen mode, alt-tabbing and performing step 3 will force the game into windowed mode!

This method was brought to my attention by Stein3x.

HUD Toggles using 3DMigoto

Download the HUD Toggle

1. Drop files into the ACIV folder (usually ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag).
2. Press [F6] to toggle target highlights, vignette.
3. Press [F7] to toggle destination marker.
4. Press [F8] to toggle radial blur, DOF (incl. under water).
5. Shaders are disabled by default which also removes the animated main and load menu's. Disable to have these shown again.
6. Uninstall by running "uninstall.bat".


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    Excuse my ignorance, but what you mean with "Open the Table"?; how i do it?.
    I'm kind of new here.
  • edited February 2014
    The table requires Cheat Engine, which you can download here. By now it's almost become an essential tool for screenshotting so I assume most people into the hobby are somewhat familiar with it. I'll write a small guide for beginners sometime soon.

    Anyways, run the installer after you download it. Then the table should open automatically in Cheat Engine when you double click the file. Or, you can open the program and go to file -> load and open the table that way.

    Once the game is running, you need to click the button in the top left corner of the table that looks like a computer. Select "AC4BFSP.exe" and click "open." Then you can start using the options in the table (free cam, FOV, etc).
  • S***, i was really lost in my ignorance!. Now i get it perfectly!, thanks for the explanation!.
    I'm going to try to take some screens for practice!. You really have a great way to explain stuff.

    I'll be waiting with much anxiety that "beginner Guide", we will be pleasantly grateful for that.

    Now if you let me i'll stop sucking your socks.
  • Hey Acosador. Welcome to the forums. A friendly heads up: there's a specific thread for practice shots. Keep the game specific screenshots reserved for your best. And even then, you could very well be told that you can do better (which is a breath of fresh air as far as screenshot forums go, I think).
  • Hi Midhras, thanks for the welcome!. And thanks for the data, I'll keep it in mind for future occasions.
  • edited March 2014
    Add the Win Explorer to take higher resolution shots with srwe! It probably works with other games as well so maybe we should add it to "Screenshot Tools And Techniques" too

    Edit: Yeah ,no need for this anymore. The method works wonders with just SRWE.
  • I have no idea how to use that in this game, or I would add it
  • add this trainer


    Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag v1.06 Plus 20 Trainer

    HOME ~ Activate Trainer

    NumPad 1 ~ Immortality
    NumPad 2 ~ without reloading
    NumPad 3 ~ Infinite Ammo / Bombs
    NumPad 4 ~ Infinite Money
    NumPad 5 ~ Infinite Resources
    NumPad 6 ~ Invisibility
    NumPad 7 ~ Infinite Oxygen
    NumPad 8 ~ Immortality To Ship
    NumPad 9 ~ without reloading Artillery Ship
    NumPad 0 ~ Freeze Timer
    NumPad / ~ Super Speed
    NumPad * ~ Great Leap
    Numpad + ~ Freeze All
    Numpad - ~ Fast Walking
    Numpad. ~ Kills with one blow
    Page Up ~ Slow Time
    Page Down ~ Accelerate Time
    End ~ Infinite hypnotics
    F11 ~ Always Day
    F12 ~ Always Night
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    Does that "Freeze All" pause everything like timestop?

    The unfortunate bit is that it conflicts with so many hotkeys in the CE table. Anyone using that would have to redo all the keys. But if it works, maybe I can do that myself. The only reason I'm using the numpad is actually because I was avoiding conficts with Lingon's trainer.

  • looks like the " freeze all " command works as pausing the models walking so it's not like timestop

    and the table i got doesn't conflict with the trainer ( j-k-i-l to move the cam around )
  • Does anyone know where to pick up a 21:9 fix for version 1.07 of the game? I am really wanting it so I don't have to play in such a small screen area.
  • I think the only 21:9 hack for the game was for the original version. You'd have to redo it for every patch so that it stays up-to-date with the latest changes. I doubt the author kept up with it :(
  • try widescreen fixer
  • Yeah, I think I had one for 1.05. Flawless widescreen hack doesn't work anymore and widescreen fixer doesn't have a plugin for AC4. I wish I knew what they did to the exe. to fix it. Anyone have any clue?
  • How would i find the frame cap in the game? HxD? Cheat Engine?
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