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[FIXED] RAGE + depthbuffer + swre or custom resolutions

edited February 17 in Game Discussion
I'm new to this site, so first of all hello everybody!

I'm in need of some help. I got things set up for playing and screenshooting RAGE. But, I can't manage to make depth buffer related shaders (from reshade) to work when I use higher resolutions than my native.
Display depth comes out ok when playing in my native. But so far, I tried creating custom resolutions (double my native), changing to that resolution before running the game and then switching in the video options to that resolution. While the game does run ok, depth buffer seems to become unavailable (display depth shows a white screen).
Also happens leaving windows desktop at my native, then chainge it in the video options in-game.
Also tried SWRE, and while it does resize the window to the specified resolution (and can take a screenshot of that size), displaydepth also shows a white screen.
Theres no problem accessing displaydepth as long as I keep playing in my native resolution.
This is a letdown, because I'm missing great features....
Hope you can help!




    Posted the same on the reshade forums. A dude answered:

    "The depth buffer only activates in one instace... when you run the the game, in that particular resolution.. my method is set the resolution that I´m going to work, then i restart my Windows, yes!!
    It´s annoying, but that activate the depth buffer.. apart of that set your desktop to the game resolution , and thats ok!"

    And that was it. So apparently if you start a game in one particular resolution, the depth buffer is loaded in that resolution. So when you change it in-game it's no longer valid because it doesn't get loaded again at the new resolution.

    So I manually edited the rageconfig.cfg file to the desired resolution, and started the game and then it was fixed. There was no need to restart windows. Luckily, as this is an old game, my cpu/gpu can manage.

    This is to keep in mind for future reference
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