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[REQUEST] Prototype 1 (2009) - force window mode, camera cords, hud hide, menu hide/pause

Hi guys, before writing this new Discussion thread, I did a re-search and tried everything I could. I know this is not an exact science but I'm a designer and know little or nothing about codding, programming.. I would simply like to expose what I have archive in my journey of breaking into this game with the only motivation behind to archive some fancy shots..

First of all, This game got a "locked" functions stated by the devs inside the game files...
- The resolution is locked by default to 720p max.
- There's no Windows Mode or whatsoever.

GOOD NEWS (or so I think)
I found a modified .dll file of the game in some forums, that run the game in your current desktop resolution full screen of course, it's works 100% up to 4K (my monitor max hot sampling resolution ) I believe you can force run it to 8k perfectly...

File Download | prototypeenginef.dll
Go to where you installed the game in my case. Program Files (x86)/ Activision / Prototype
and replace the dll file (WARNING do a backup copy of the original file before!)

BAD NEWS (and I'm pretty sure of them)
This is all I could get by now!

- I've tried WBG, GeDoSaTo, SRWE and nothing is working to get custom resolutions or window mode so far...
. I've been filtering the memory addresses with Cheat engine in hope to find Cam cords, menu pause state and HuD, and what came out of hours of trying.. are the character cord Y, and tons of crashes, but when i re-launch the game, the code list is USELESS! like they changed.. (I used 4 bytes float values filter).

Anyway guys, I will keep on trying, and update here if I got something useful. I hereby invite anyone to join my research, I personally think the game got potential for some nice screens!

PD: this is a my mini gallery of some 4K screens, photoshop erased hud and cropped shots..


  • UPDATE! I have finally find a way to force the Window Mode with a tool called DxWind.
    Still tricky to hot sampling.. because when you re-size the window game, the resolution doesn't update, only stretches which is horrible.

    For Hot Sampling graphics you need to directly open the window size you want otherwise it's not working.. but because the devs, delivery blocked windows mode in their Engine.DLL file..
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