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Quantum Break

how did DET unlock the cam in Quantum Break to take his shots? I cant seem to find anything anywhere and there doesnt seem to be any mods of cheat engine scripts for it.


  • He usually makes his own Cheat-Engine scripts, sometimes posting them via his Twitter channel though I do not know if the Quantum Break one is available.

    EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot about HattiWatt1, think he did a tool for this game come to think of it or well the recent Steam version of it.

  • Thank you so much, HattiWatt1 had exactly what I was looking for. I should really just bookmark his site and check there first anytime Im looking.
  • DET has an official debug build from the developers. You can see at the bottom of the album page where he lists the tools:

    "Debug build supplied by Remedy Entertainment."

    He's also hacked the game quite a bit in Cheat Engine, but for obvious reasons, I don't think he'll be releasing those scripts. Hatti's tools will probably have to suffice :P
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