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Doom 2016 / Doom 4



  • Hatti's cinetools definitely don't work anymore, the game hangs. The CT from DET also doesn't work anymore, except the FOV, but that's easily found anyway.
    I tried to find the camera but I suck at finding cameras of 1st person games, I always end up finding the coords for something else (like the weapon ;)).

    So I tried a different route: enable the photomode during normal gameplay (which is currently not possible). This turned out to be easy. It's a simple setting which is enabled (single byte) through the menu and they simply hide it in the normal gameplay menu. Enabling it in a CT did the trick.

    See: https://gist.github.com/FransBouma/52a0d505b1b7d02d36d4dc7d8e7b125b

    Press INS to enable the photomode during normal gameplay, shift-ins to disable. No idea if it works in multiplayer as well, I don't play multiplayer games so haven't tried it.

    It's indeed not the best photomode one would want, but alas, better than nothing. If I can find the camera coords, I can quickly create an injectable camera, but finding these isn't easy...
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