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UE3 Mesh Control


I saw in your latest run through of Bioshock Infinite that your using CE for "Assembly hacks for free camera, timestop, mesh control". Is the mesh control what I think it is? Are you able to control the mesh LOD for UE3 games?


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    It simply means being able to move certain meshes around under varying conditions. In the case of BioShock Infinite, it means locking Elizabeth in place and moving her about while the game's actually running - you can't do anything while it's paused because she makes extensive use of cloth physics. I haven't actually used it yet, but I dare say there'll be one or two shots where it's worthwhile. It's never entirely straightforward because it means hacking DirectX and trying to filter out certain addresses based on highly volatile values, so you spend half your time finding those.
  • Incidentally, I noticed you'd hacked Tron: Evolution. I'd assumed that was impossible due to GFWL. Did you have any problems with things like high resolutions and debugging? Always had a soft spot for that game.
  • OK, that makes sense now. Thanks.

    I did get Tron working after a fair amount of fighting crashes. Disabling opcodes did not work out so well. I found that AOB scanning directly to the camera and DOF/tonemapping structures worked much better. Took a while to find the right AOB's though.

    I thought I had posted a guide for it here but looks like this is one that I missed out on, I'll do that if I have some time tonight when at my computer.

    The resolution issue was solved with GeDoSaTo and setres commands if I remember properly. Different AR's supported.
  • Ugggh, the AOB to Data route. Had to use that for Madness Returns. What a ballache.
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    Yes, I had more problems with that one. The DRM was so restrictive it would crash when doing any scanning for addresses at all. Ended up putting it in windowed mode, which gives you a little more time before it crashes, to then get one or two opcodes to add to the list. Any sort of manipualion of those opcodes though would result in a crash.

    What has come out of it though is that I have an AOB to camera that works in a fair number of UE3 games. It just requires the FOV to be changed with keybind or command line.

    Remind me I should add a guide for Alice as well if we don't already have one. [Edit: did that already]
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