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[GUIDE] Brutal Legend

Not a complete guide, or camera solution, but thought it was worth a post. If there is interest maybe someone else can pickup where I've left off.

Partially completed CE Table

1. Camera position works with mouse direction during normal play. Downside is that the camera keeps auto-centering on character. Use [KP_Decimal] to use fly camera characteristics (mouse rotation, no auto center on character.

For this to work you will need to have flown at least once, enable this by editing ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\BrutalLegend\Data\Config\BuddhaDefault.cfg and setting enableDebugFlying = true. Press [F] to fly. (Thanks go to petroski for this auto centering fix.)

2. Camera position works while game is paused but direction is done with a 4 element rotation matrix, changing values changes direction but may also break image rendering. If GeDo is used the image can be stretched/pinched. When taking screenshot or re-rendering image (SRWE) the window composition will change.

3. You can use the pause script to lock the camera after positioning it with the mouse. Prime the pause script with the [ ; ] key, go into then out of the main menu (this grabs the address), then press [ ' ] to pause and [ shift + ' ] to unpause.

1. FOV works but need to be in-game to use, will not update when game paused.

Rendering Resolution
1. GeDoSaTo, SRWE, as well as DSR work as viable options. All have some issues though, specifically with how the camera direction seems to be tied into resolution.

GeDoSaTo settings
# HUD removal. Double edged sword, also removes all in-game AA.
injectPSHash dec99880
injectDelayAfterDraw true

# all or some of these may help for mouse settings
modifyGetCursorPos true
modifySetCursorPos true
interceptWindowProc true
adjustMessagePt true

What is really needed is a timestop that allows the camera to be moved with the mouse. I've attempted to find a value or opcode to allow this but have come up short.


  • One3rd said:

    1. Camera position works with mouse direction during normal play. Downside is that the camera keeps auto-centering on character.

    Press Q in the game and search [4bytes] exact value 3.
    Get into the car and search exact value 9
    Get out the car and search exact value 0

    Add the address and change to 7. The auto-centering is deactivated.

  • edited October 2015
    Oh! I'll give that a try, thanks!

    Edit: Doesn't seem to be working. Did you find the address and values by just scanning for changes during each camera change?
    Edit2: Maybe it's a different value this needs to be set to. How did you come up with "7"?

    Note: added pause script details in OP.
  • Maybe you need to fly once.
    Edit [..\Steam\SteamApps\common\BrutalLegend\Data\Config\BuddhaDefault.cfg] -->enableDebugFlying = true

    Press f to fly.
  • Cool bat wings! Yes, that was the missing part. Looks like the "7" is the camera type used when flying which luckily doesn't do the auto center. Thanks a lot for this, makes the camera script a little easier to use.

    Updated CE table in OP.
  • @one3rd _ thank you very much for this table !!!!
  • Update: Fixed link to CE Table.
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