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[GUIDE] Mad Max

Here's a CE table I threw together just to solve the obvious issues with the Photo Mode. It unlocks the aspect ratio from 16:9 and offers greater control of the FOV.

There are a couple of cheats there for convenience, too, though I'm done trying to hack this game. It galls me to say I wasn't able to gain control of the game's timecycle.



  • awesome! Thanks
  • DOF doesn't scale up to very high res ( think 10000x5000 )
  • Does anyone else get horrible blobby artifacts around Max when capturing at high-res? They're not ambient occlusion or depth of field - at least no settings that are exposed to the user.

  • PulseZET said:


    Was just looking through your stuff on Flickr, dude. So good.
  • Anyone been able to find a way to disable the HUD ingame?

    It seems tweaks to the config/ini file dont stick even if it is made Read Only.

    There is an option for HUD Opacity but changing the value lower than 100 does nothing.
    Maybe a command line edit is required to enable 'dev' or 'debug' mode.
  • So far the only way to hide the hud seems to be to press C+X (Or what the controller buttons for photo mode might be.) and then go into screenshot mode, hide the prompt that pops up and take a screen via either the Steam overlay or tools like Fraps or Afterburner.
    (Depending on your resolution / aspect ratio the above cheat-engine script could be really handy for fixing the black bars that crop the aspect ratio to 16:9 by default.)

    I dumped the command line arguments too but there's nothing especially useful though I fixed the game reverting back to native res instead of the downsampling res on start by forcing a specific resolution to always be used. :)

    /h This help
    /failsafe Start in failsafe mode (settings ignored)
    /fullscreen Fullscreen mode
    /windowed Windowed mode
    /borderless Borderless windowed mode
    /width=n Width in pixels (fullscreen/windowed)
    /height=n Height in pixels (fullscreen/windowed)
    /widthFS=n Width in pixels (fullscreen)
    /heightFS=n Height in pixels (fullscreen)
    /widthW=n Width in pixels (windowed)
    /heightW=n Height in pixels (windowed)
    /refreshrate=n Refresh rate in Hz
    /vsync=b Enable/disable V-sync (0-1)
    /dxadapter=i Use DirectX adapter at specified index
    /dxbuffers=n SwapChain buffer count (1-3, default: 3 with vsync on, 1 without)
    /dxframelatency=n Maximum frame latency (1-3, default: 3)
    /aniso=n Anisotropic filter (0-7, default: 3)
    /shadows=n Shadow quality (0-2, default: 1)
    /shadowres=n Shadow resolution (0-1, default: 0)
    /ssao=b Enable/disable SSAO (default: enabled)
    /plspec=b Enable/disable pointlight specular (default: enabled)
    /posteffects=b Enable/disable posteffects (default: enabled)
    /lodfactor=n Geometric detail (0-4, default: 1)
    /decals=n Decal draw range (0-2, default: 1)
    /edgefade=b Enable/disable edge fade effect
    /disablecrashdialog Disable windows error dialog on crash
    Enable/Disable MotionBlur
    Enable/Disable FXAA
    /landscapedebris=b Enable/Disable landscape debris
    /dynamicshadows=n Dynamic light shadow amount (0-4, default: 2)
    /softparticles=b Enable/Disable soften particle edges
    Enable/Disable parallax occlusion mapping

    Nothing especially interesting that you couldn't already set from the options menu besides enforcing a specific res but "lodfactor" seems to go up to 4 max instead of 3 which is the highest it will go if you adjust it from in-game so you can open settings.ini and adjust it manually though it seems to cause some slight stuttering at times from what I've tested so far.

    Oh and some of the settings don't seem to match what the highest available is in the PC version, point-light specular can go up to a value of 2 but the above info makes it like a boolean 0/off 1/on setting and shadowres can also go up to a value of 2
    (Not sure if others can go higher, you can manually edit the config file and set everything to 9 or whatever and it'll use the highest supported though but I don't know what the actual max value is for the various settings.)
  • Jonas, thanks for the command line info. Couple of questions,

    How did you dump the command line options?
    What setting did you use to force the downsampled res?
  • edited September 2015
    Microsoft SysInternals and the Process Explorer utility.

    Start it up and let it load, start the game and put it in borderless or windowed mode (Well for me at least it crashes if I alt-tab in fullscreen with this game.) and then alt-tab back to the utility and scroll down and find the games exe file, right click and select properties and then the "strings" tab which will then list all the text Process Explorer has found.

    Usually command line parameters tend to be bunched together but it's not always easy finding them, I got a bit lucky here in that they use the "/" character and that they are commented so when I searched for "width" I found the right one (And the other commands.) pretty quickly. :)

    Works for every game or other software but not all games will give something that's usable and sometimes it can be very difficult to sift through what might be upwards of 10 MB of raw text data.
    (Witcher 3 for example has all console commands and settings spread across the entire text dump so it took hours to gather all those.)

    As for downsampling I'm not sure how the game would react if you used windowed mode and set a very high resolution that isn't supported by your monitor, I'd imagine "Windowed Borderless Gaming" ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/WindowedBorderlessGaming/discussions ) or another similar utility that can scale the screen resolution could be more useful there.
    (Unfortunately I don't believe the game is capable of dowsampling a internal 3D resolution while rendering at a specified resolution such as could be done back with Crysis and more recently a few other games such as ArmA 3 so I don't know if screen resolutions higher than supported by the monitor - any custom resolutions specified via drivers or tools like CRU will of course also be viable for this - would work at all.)

    Anyways since I'm using a AMD GPU and a GCN 1.1 R9 290 I'm a bit limited on what can be done via custom resolutions and VSR though I set up a custom res of 2880x1800 which is a 50% increase over my monitors native of 1920x1200, I would use 3840x2400 but that's only doable on GCN 1.2 GPU's such as the Fury/Fury X and upcoming Nano so for custom resolutions Nvidia should be a better choice and it seems DSR can be modded as well to allow for a greater range of easily obtained downsampling resolutions above it's default cap of 4x or 2x2 as it is. :)

    The game has a habit of starting in a window and then loading the settings.ini file and go into fullscreen (fullscreen is required for DSR and VSR to scale correctly in most games.) which messes a bit with the downsampling resolution so that's primarily why I'm enforcing /width and /height via command-line arguments as that forces both fullscreen and windowed to render to the set resolution instead of having to start the game, switch back down to the monitors native res and then back to the downsampling res. :)

    Reply was a bit longer than I thought it would be but I think this is a pretty good explanation of how I dumped the games text strings and why I'm using that command-line argument which might also come in handy for that possible problem where the game might revert to the default native resolution on boot instead of the custom one used when downsampling.

    Oh and setting depth of field to high apparently blurs objects near the player too so if things look a bit too blurry one can try to reduce this setting down to normal, sources of heat can also produce a slight blurring if the heat-haze option is used so that's something to keep in mind. :)
  • Thank you for the CE table!

    Now the only thing that bothers me about this game is that the enemy vehicle health bars are visible in video mode. Quite immersion breaking if recording a car chase for example.

    But for screenshots the game is great now, thanks to the table unlocking the AR and FOV.
  • Berdu said:

    Thank you for the CE table!

    Now the only thing that bothers me about this game is that the enemy vehicle health bars are visible in video mode. Quite immersion breaking if recording a car chase for example.

    But for screenshots the game is great now, thanks to the table unlocking the AR and FOV.

    try Toggle HUD. Maybe works for health bars

  • I'm not sure why you and K-putt are getting those health bars. Doesn't happen for me.

    I looked into the lodfactor setting in assembly and I'm not 100% sure it actually does anything. Pushing it to 0 did indeed make even Max disappear, but 1-4 just looked the like the game does on the 'Max' setting. LOD is calculated as part of the camera structure, and I was briefly able to push high-detail terrain generation all the way to the horizon, but wasn't able to isolate it and the camera soon broke. Anyway, the game is very well optimised from a visual standpoint and so a higher LOD didn't really seem necessary.
  • edited September 2015
    Hello, I'm turning on DET 'cause there's a something strange with Mad Max's FOV. It feels like it won't ever bend image, angle and general perspective. I was trying to compose some scene and the moon was actually moving to fit the image and always keep some margin from screen edge.

    Am I crazy? Did you notice it too? Is that a "common" trick, it has a name or...?
    (sorry for interrupting with this random consideration — Thanks for the wider FOV btw :) )

    EDIT @djh_ I used to have that impression too despite disabling most obvious available settings, then I disabled the Bloom.
    I was surprised by the result, here's a sample from a former 2880p (not sure it's highres to you though capture (similar result when shooting Max himself

  • @ JonasBeckman, thanks for the in depth info, its much appreciated. I see what you mean now about the downsampling resolution at the game start up, I downsample the game fullscreen at 3200x1800 onto my 1920x1080 monitor when playing and go windowed and a higher res for screenshots.

    @ marcelus, thanks for the no HUD mod link :)

    @ djh_, I get the vehicle health bars too when using the No HUD option in video mode, very strange. I also get the white outlines around 'harpoon-able' (if thats a word) objects.

    @ smithfield, you lost me with the Max FOV stuff but thanks for pointing out the Bloom option, I too was getting the shadow like artifacts around the edges of characters.

  • edited September 2015
    @ neoglow

    The HUD toggle mod should toggle the health bars and the outlines, atleast it toggles the outlines when you fight NPCs. I haven't really tested it further as I have no access to my PC intill Wednesday

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