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Black Desert Online

I've been playing Black Desert Online recently and the graphics are pretty great for an MMO. In fact, the game actually has a built in cinematic camera mode and image filters.


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  • Hello, I'm new to his forum and to in-game photography generally.

    I have an idea about a project and I want to take ultra high resolution, lossless screenshots from Black Desert Online to be post-processed in Photoshop and then printed on large surfaces (something like a very large poster, 80x40 inches for example). Image quality is crucial, so to obtain at least 600 DPI for this size, I need a resolution of about 49600x27900 pixels. Maybe even more for a larger project.

    There's no way of course to have your game run constantly at this resolution. However, with Nvidia Ansel this problem is solved as you can set it to upscale your capturing frame at enormous resolutions. This website demonstrates screenshots captured at such resolutions (and even higher) with Ansel: http://gigapixelgaming.com/

    Theoretically, any PC that can run an Ansel supported game, can also take a gigapixel screenshot even if it would take much time on a lower system. This would be the most practical way to obtain images in high quality but unfortunately, Black Desert doesn't support Ansel.

    So, this is my question. Is it possible to achieve the aforementioned results in any other way with Black Desert Online? I know the game has the photo mode so I was wondering if there's was some kind of "hack" to set the screenshots to be upscaled. There's must be way people did that before Ansel came out. I also looked at capturing software like FRAPS or DXtory, but nothing seems to offer an upscaling option. DSR (dynamic super resolution) is excluded too, because the maximum resolution for it is 4K, which as mentioned is too low for this particular situation.

    Any suggestions are welcome.
  • I don't know what Black Desert supports but you may be able to use solutions such as Hotsampling Hotsampling or use DSR custom resolutions at whatever resolution your GPU can handle. Other than that you can also look into using multiple shots in a merged panorama to get the required DPI.
  • Thanks for the answer. I didn't know that you can set DSR at any resolution you want. I thought it was limited to 4K, but that is the "official" limit I guess. Still, is this a good solution? Doesn't it damage the GPU in some way? In my case, I only need a frame, not the whole game to run at that resolution. Wouldn't the PC have a problem even booting the game at something like 49600x27900 pixels?

    I reckon Hotsamlpling is a similar solution. What approach would you recommend for that?

    Finally, what do you mean by multiple shots? I understand merging the parts, but how is this possible? You select a part of screen to be taken at a certain resolution and then join them together? Could you give me some details?

  • Yes, it's a great solution! Resolves a lot of issues with other resolution methods not being detected by the game. You shouldn't damage the GPU but with everything like this there are never any guarantee's.

    With the resolution you are after (49600x27900) I don't think you'll be able to render that with one image. I think you will need to do a panorama stitched together with multiple shots at the highest resolution your GPU will support. As an example I have a GTX970 and have a rough ceiling at about 7680x4320 depending on the game and if I need more than 1FPS to take a screenshot.

    The idea here is to run the game at a playable resolution where you can setup and frame your shot, change resolution to your screenshooting resolution, take the screenshot, change back to playable resolution, rinse and repeat. To get the DPI you require though you will need to take multiple shots at that screenshooting resolution and then stitch them together in post. I've never done panos before though so can't really comment on how this is accomplished, Google is your friend here I would think.

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    One3rd said:

    Yes, it's a great solution! Resolves a lot of issues with other resolution methods not being detected by the game. You shouldn't damage the GPU but with everything like this there are never any guarantee's.

    Are you referring to the DSR custom resolution or to hotsampling? If it's about the latter, do you think the methods described on this website would work? http://nohud.wikia.com/wiki/Hotsampling_with_SRWE_/_WBG

    The only thing I still don't understand is the panorama screenshooting. Suppose I have framed my shot and everything is fine at a resolution of 1920x1080. What do I do next? Do I "select" one part of the frame at the time and printscreen it at 1080p? Then take all these 1080p screenshots and stitch them together so the final result is my desired resolution? (even though I only was seeing 1080p for the entire image when I was taking said screenshots) I thought printscreen takes a shot of the entire screen only.

    Sorry for asking too many questions. I am not familiar with the terminology but I am trying to be as "professional" as possible with the results.
  • It's been over 2 weeks since my last post.

    Is there anyone who could help me?
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