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[GUIDE] Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

edited October 2015 in Game Specific Guides
This isn't really a new guide so much as a collection of some already available tools that make screenshooting this high energy racing game a little easier.

Free Camera
There is an in-game photo mode that allows the use of the controller to completely control the camera within a limited range of your car. You enable this from the selection in the main menu.

If you want to move the camera beyond this limited "bubble", Racer_S's Camera Hack can be used in photo mode, the main menu (game paused), or while the game is running. You can get this from ToCA EDIT's Google Drive here, the file you want is "nfs11ch20.zip".

Enabling the camera hack while in photo mode does allow you to move around, change the FOV and disable the HUD but it also hijacks controller from the controller so you will need to use the keypad and mouse for camera control if enabled. The F1 and F2 keys will bring up a list of available commands and the current settings. Numpad keys for general camera control but a couple key commands are:
Numpad * - enables camera hack
Numpad / - disables camera hack
Numpad 9 - toggle freecam mode (while in photo mode, enable this before enabling the camera hack to stop the camera/FOV from spinning)
Numpad 7 - toggle HUD (works everywhere)
Numpad 0 - toggle mouse camera control
[ - increase FOV
] - decrease FOV

1. You may not be able to control the FOV with the camera hack keys while the camera hack is enabled in photo mode, I suggest setting your desired FOV before enabling the camera hack while in photo mode.
2. Once back in-game if the camera hack is disabled but it has not snapped back to the default view, just re-enable the camera hack and press "Numpad 9" then disable again.

You can force 8xMSAA or SGSSAA using NVidia Inspector and use DSR (or equivalent AMD method) for a pretty good alias free image. But if you want more pixels and to change aspect ratios on the fly then GeDoSaTo is your go to solution. The game works very well with GeDoSaTo *and* the cam hack as long as you add one line to the game specific configuration that you will need to create for "NSF11". Also remember to add "NSF11" to your GeDoSaTo whitelist.
##Required if chaining DLL's such as Racer_S's Camera hack
interceptOnlySystemDlls true

1. I did have random problems with the game not starting up and this seems to have something to do with the driver chaining through GeDoSaTo. Disable then enable GeDoSaTo again and it should start up fine. you may need to start the game once without GeDoSaTo enabled and then close out, enable it, and start again.
2. Setting the resolution too high can pose a problem when trying to capture the full resolution screenshot with GeDoSaTo. I found that with my 970 I was able to reliably capture 25MP images, anything over this and I would get bufferfull errors. Changing to a smaller resolution or ALT-Tabbing usually fixed this.

Getting Camera Hack to work with Steam Version
Unfortunately this is not possible. The Steam version uses the latest patch (1.05 I think) and Racer_S's Camera Hack only works up to v1.02.

What you can do though, and this is what I did, is to use the excellent feature that EA have with Origin where you can enable keys for games you have purchased on Steam. This allows you to download the game on Origin which defaults to the original release...just don't upgrade it when asked. You may be able to just copy the key information from Steam (Game -> view CD Key) and add that straight in to Origin, I wasn't able to though as it seemed to think the key was already used. I just contacted EA support and they enabled it for me on the spot after confirming it was a valid Steam key.

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