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The Witcher 3



  • edited September 2016

    PhotoMod2In1 has been updated for 1.22

    And this for enabling the debug console / free-cam functionality.

    So can I use this mods for free cam and taking screenshots without any further mods?
    Could you please tell me the best mod for improving a little the realism in the game without to much loss of fps?
    Thanks so much in advance
  • Has anyone tried messing about with whatever the mod tools for this game are? I'm wondering how people are making up these lighting mods that affect the Weather files and how much of a pain in the ass it is to use. I like STLM, but I'd really like try making something for the game on my own at some point.
  • Mostly through trial and error, for Witcher 1 CD Project RED had a full SDK allowing for a lot of flexibility although the customized engine (From Bioware's Neverwinter Nights game.) was pretty complicated so it took a while before lengthier custom modules were released albeit smaller mods were also made.
    For Witcher 2 they made a pretty impressive editor for the game and it was also easier to make modifications for the base game although it's still not as user friendly as the customized toolkit used by Bethesda to compare against that.
    And then for Witcher 3 they initially planned a editor but it was put on hold and what was released was some light documentation and a file unpacker and then some smaller tools for working with the unpacked script files and repack them.

    Thanks to expansive commentary in most of the script files modders figured out things pretty quickly but outside of editing these scripts there was mostly just trial and error and custom made third party utilities, these weather files took a long time to figure out but the result are mods like STLM or the in-game editor for weather parameters.

    There's all kinds of parameters in these files and there's a ton of specific environment definitions for cutscenes and other scripted sequences so figuring out which value corresponded to what must have been a very complex task. CD Project's mod forums or the Nexus community forums might have some more in-depth tutorials for working with these files and I think some of the third party utilities allows for more intuitive editing instead of poking around with a hex editor or similar.

    Water, wind, lighting, various particle effects, sky and cloud data, fog and more so it's not that easy or at least it wasn't back when I was active with the game and regularly checking on mod progress so it's understandable why projects like STLM took so long and that there were occasionally a glitch or other bugs.
    (It's a bit similar to say the time-of-day data files used in Cry-Engine and what people made with those which was called something like "ToD art." Made Cry-Engine 2 with Crysis 1 look almost photo realistic at times or well for back then at least.)
  • Yeah, that doesn't sound quite as easy as replacing a few numbers and dialing a slider. If only everything was as easy as using Boris' tools.
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