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The Witcher 3



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    The layout is a bit different and it really wants you to create game specific profile configurations via that tool but I'm still manually editing the files although since I am primarily just using deband and SMAA it's pretty simple to just copy the files over to the various game folders and then for a few of them also set the depth buffer stuff to be logarithmic and inverted.

    3.0 from what I've tested of the alpha versions released so far is pretty easy to use but it seems more geared towards developers than users though I'll probably keep upgrading just because of important bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
    (Eventual Vulkan support and possibly DX12 whenever Crosire gets Windows 10 to work with his system is going to be handy too, MSI Afterburner is also just about ready for it's next major release and will finally allow for D3D12 API monitoring such as for screenshots and overlay functionality too although it doesn't support shader effects as it's not really meant for it so both ReShade and Afterburner together have their uses and for now they're at least mostly compatible with one another although other software or overlays such as from Steam, UPlay, Origin and others can interfere a bit as well.)

    (Yeah I'm mostly using Afterburner for it's other software for overlay functionality and not strictly overclocking although I do use a custom fan curve profile since a while back which I find to be much better than the default.)

    As for Witcher 3 the author of UGM re-created the mod so it's using less .xml files and in the process also updated it for Blood & Wine so it should work now after uninstalling the previous version.
    (Also includes a newer version compatible with 1.21 / B&W of the localization fix mod so additional menus show proper text instead of code or empty black spaces.)
  • The new patch fixes a lot of bugs. I'm very tempted to update....

    But I don't want my mods to break. Anyone try it yet?
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    Debug console enabler needs to be updated, the console itself has worked since 1.20 on it's own but yeah the free-camera functionality is lost without that utility.

    The 1.20 patch had the developer comments in the script files again due to a oversight when the patch was shipped so this update has thus removed them again meaning every script mod will need to be updated once more, although the amount of scripts the patch itself altered is probably pretty significant too so many mods would likely be in need of updating even if the comments had been left in. (One of the developers on the CD Project forums was pretty clear on that when asked, several modders asked about leaving the comments in but there's apparently some internal stuff among said comments that they don't want to have available to the public or some such.)

    Due to the difficulty with file mergers (Notepad++ or WinMerge for example.) when there's so many differences because a lot of the text in these script files has been altered it's a bit problematic to update script mods if you don't know exactly what they change so you can quickly copy over the changes to the updated files, it took me almost thirty minutes and I only use a few tweaks in about ten files or so in total even though I am pretty used to this by now since almost every patch has broken modified script files.

    Within a few days most of the still active modders will likely have updated their mods for 1.22 compatibility, there might already be a few on the Nexus and the CD Project forums already. :)
    (Although for the debug console I'm not entirely sure as that's more technical though hopefully someone will update it soon too.)
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    Yeah. Unfortunately I ran into a quest object that I could not interact with. One of my mods is causing that. In the past, I'd just verify integrity of the game cache, reload my game, and the problem would be fixed. Some mods would get broken but I'd just restore them after I've progressed with the quest.

    Now, if I do that, I'll automatically be updated. So... no way around it. I'm stuck without mods for a while.
  • Yeah they really made a problematic modding system for the game and the mod tools themselves have various unfixed bugs and no further tools are planned for release and it seems like updates to the existing ones won't happen either so while some other third party utilities help with some of the mod using and creation limitations it's a bit of a uphill battle or how to say and then you have the problem with the caching system where too many mods installed will cause the game to stall on loading. (I can have about 30 or so before that happens, one is for script files which I then merge together and then there's mostly just texture replacers and the occasional separate script mod such as ULM.)

    Still a improvement from how it was in the previous Witcher games though, or well Witcher 2 I suppose since the first one ran on a very heavily modified Neverwinter Nights 1 engine and well somehow it worked, kinda.

    Wonder how Cyberpunk 2077 will be in that regard, although it won't be released until at the earliest 2018 or so and probably later than even that.

    Anyways going by Nexus activity it seems people are already working on updating to the new patch. -> http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/newrecently/? though it will take a bit more time for the bigger mods I'd imagine as they change more files and also contain more changes to said files.
  • PhotoMod2In1 has been updated for 1.22

    And this for enabling the debug console / free-cam functionality.
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    ULM and AMM were also updated.
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    If you use a Nvidia GPU then later this month the first Ansel supported games will arrive via (I assume.) patches for The Witcher 3 and Mirrors Edge Catalyst. :)
    (Well it kinda has to be patched in seeing how it requires game specific implementation as it can't work via driver-only even if global support for every single game ever would have been awesome, although also probably impossible.)
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    The game was updated and Ansel is now available on supported Nvidia GPU models. :)
    (Probably needs the new 370.54 drivers released yesterday, going by the .PDF release notes they do have a variety of other important fixes too and from a screenshot of DOOM 4 it's also updated to use a newer Vulkan runtime although still a bit off from the version AMD uses and a fair bit behind the newest SDK one.)

    EDIT: It's indeed Ansel support (And nothing else.)
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    That's good news, although judging from this shot http://gigapixelgaming.com/media/gigapixel/AnselWitcher3.html I doubt Ansel has fixed the LOD issue, which is by far the biggest challenge for screenshooting this game.
    Also considering the fact it won't capture ReShade/Sweetfx effects, hard to say i'm intrigued.
    But of course I see this would benefit a lot of other people (including those Photoshopers, no offense).
    So, do any of you guys on DET actually plan to "switch" to Ansel?
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    I don't see them fixing the level of detail distance with the way it currently works where each individual 3D model has a accompanying .xml file with settings in it which is why the various LOD mods for the game are pretty large when they include more than just the character model parts (Hair, head, body.) as every 3D object has to be included with the updated config file, sadly I don't think you can separate it into just being those updated .xml files without the mesh files.

    The community tools for this aren't the greatest either but have improved even from the basic support CD Project provided with their bare-bones packer/unpacker and script editor to where it is now possible to add custom 3D models and replace textures reliably along with other adjustments.
    (Though that's still a good show even if it's not a full SDK or level editor.)

    The game however has a pretty low amount of "slots" for mods, theoretically it supports 999 different folders with modifications but even with the newest updates the game does run into problem when you're using more than just 10 or so and above 20 it'll usually fail with a infinite loading screen as you try to resume from a save game or even if you try with a entirely new game.

    This also does include the DLC content so you have up to 16 "mods" already in use from the free DLC stuff and then another two for the two actual expansions to the game making the total custom add-ons you can reliably have at the same time to something like 30 - 40 from how I understand things.

    New mods are also released pretty often so unless you know what you are doing to where you can unpack two mods and merge them together as a singular well even without the large amount of texture pack modifications it might take some work depending on how many mods you want to use. :D
    (They're not really necessary or anything but there's anything from script tweaks to full on extensions like the appearance switching mod or screenshot helper mod to LOD adjustments and recently also adjustments to shadow casting light sources - http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1886/? - and keeping the cutscene quality character self-shadowing effect during normal gameplay. - http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1902/? <- That one is pretty subtle though but there's still a improvement.)<br />

    As for Ansel I'm using a AMD GPU myself and most of the Ansel functionality can be done in Witcher 3 already via console commands or well mods relying on said console cvars for hotkey support for more convenient use of for example the time-stop or pause functionality. :)
    (As a keyboard user though the Ansel free camera functionality might be useful if not too limited around the main characters position since the in-game method is favoring analogue movement for speed control and also has other functions on gamepad that are a bit quirky with keyboard and I don't think FOV can be adjusted at all without a pad.)
    (EDIT: 360 degree images and a variety of filter effects might be useful, less so for the effects though as ReShade has that beat if they can work together which it seems is still a bit uncertain.)

    Oh and a GOTY edition of the game was recently announced though it's more like a bundle of the existing game and DLC's for a lower price and I believe the developers have plans for at least one more patch to the game itself to fix some of the remaining issues.
    (Though other problems have been reported since many patches back or even the games initial release and some even have community made fixes via modded script files but still remain unfixed by CD Project.)

    ...a little bit of bla bla \ rant..
    (Though that's nothing compared to Bethesda since Morrowind or so and the unofficial patch mods that have followed, some of which have had small teams of modders fixing upwards of thousands of issues though this should also be noted that it includes item placement fixes for adjusting clipping or floating objects which take up several hundred fixes for Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim on their own and also Fallout 3 and New Vegas with a unofficial patch for Fallout 4 steadily growing in size as more issues gets fixed.)

    (Which is why I'm not going to be too surprised if Skyrim 2.0/Enhanced ends up having the exact same bugs though with mods said to be at least partially compatible as it's not a full code overhaul or engine update this might not take too long to fix if the community is still active enough and it probably will grow a bit now with XBO and PS4 mod support planned along with what many expect to be a re-attempt at introducing paid mod content, free from Steam and using Bethesda.net they would certainly make a better cut though would the mod authors themselves?)

    (I do like their games though and on the positive side of things community feedback has been great for Fallout 4 where Bethesda has listened to a lot of it and also fixing a number of reported engine bugs along with some few DLC ones via closed beta testing of that content.)
  • a little late but sure why not !!
  • edited August 2016

    (They're not really necessary or anything but there's anything from script tweaks to full on extensions like the appearance switching mod or screenshot helper mod to LOD adjustments and recently also adjustments to shadow casting light sources - http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1886/? - and keeping the cutscene quality character self-shadowing effect during normal gameplay. - http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1902/? <- That one is pretty subtle though but there's still a improvement.)</p>

    I have been using the former mod since its release, and it's awesome =P
    That said those brazier shadows could be even softer, imo they look way similar to Doom3/FEAR shadows at times, but still better than vanilla.
    Haven't got the latter mod yet but that looks interesting, will give a try, thanks!

    As for the LOD issue I've been using this one for quite some time http://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/949/? Improvements are noticeable but far from enough for screenshots, recently the author released a package for DLC too but it has glitches (such as missing floor textures in the Grandmaster armorer's shop). I'm still waiting for the TW3 equivalent of this Skyrim mod as final solution http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59721/? Of course I know it's gonna take a lot of time even if possible.

    So far none of the Ansel shots have impressed me: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/950508/ansel/post-your-favorite-ansel-shots-here-/1/ But I see it still has big potential if Nvidia plays well:
    "Post-Process Filters — So you can tweak the look, feel and mood of your screenshot before saving, Ansel includes brightness, vignette, sketch, color enhancer, field of view and many other special effects options. It lets you create and share your own special FX filters, as enthusiasts do now for ReShade and other post-process applications." (Quoted from official Nvidia statement) Looks like they have a plan for community, I'm interested in how far these " custom special FX filters" can go compared to ReShade.
  • I see no reason for the serious screenshotters to use Ansel.

    The only advantage it affords (besides a little convenience) is the massive resolution captures. But we were talking about that yesterday and Kputt did some screenshot comparisons. You'll notice that the game's shaders to not scale up with resolution very well at all.


    First of all, there's no bloom. So the distant trees look pasted into the image. There's no light scattering at all in that scene.

    The AO is also completely lost, so Geralt has these black blotches on his armor where you'd normally see more subtle AO (look at his legs).

    The water shader is completely missing. Just sticks out like a soar thumb in the Ansel shot.


    The issues there should be obvious. No bloom. Everything looks very flat. In this type of scene, you shouldn't be able to see Geralt clear as day against that kind of lighting. But since god rays and bloom are gone, there's no "lighting" to speak of.


    Well that just looks completely fucked. You normally wouldn't take a screenshot with witcher sense on, but it's a good showcase for the problems inherit to tiledshots.

    Seems like the best solution for The Witcher 3 is to stick with conventional downsampling methods so you can still use ReShade. I'm not sure how good the free camera is, but the debug free camera is already perfect so yeah, I wouldn't be bothered to stop using it unless the mod authors stopped updating it.
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    ^That pretty much nailed it, thanks Jim/ K-putt. Also I heard Ansel tends to ignore shadows if a higher FOV is used, so certain distant objects don't cast a shadow in these hi-res screenshots, this only happens in TW3 but not in MEC, though.
    Those comparison shots actually remind me of UE3 tiled shots, I used to wonder why they look so "lacking", thought I did it wrong lol.
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