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[GUIDE] Homeworld Remastered Collection



  • @lime
    It looks like those opcodes you found are the ones for the camera structure in the original table. I've merged that with the camera structure I found for x,y,z and it looks to work but try it out in a number of scenarios and let me know if it's fine. If not I can take another stab at the original script, which was crashing for me with the modifications I made.

  • Played around with it a bit tonight and realise that the pause value I found doesn't completely pause the game and time still moves but very slowly. This and the fact the original camera structure needs to be NOPed for fine camera control means I'll need to look at it a bit closure. On the plus side I'm actually getting drawn in to the game which is a pleasant surprise!
  • edited October 2017

    Try this new table out and let me know if it works for you.


    1. I ended up having to toggle two addresses to pause both time and the ship "side to side" movement animation. One is a static address though which was strange, that doesn't normally happen.

    2. I got the camera figured out and it might even be a little easier to use than the original free camera. I disabled the opcodes and set the zoom value to zero for what I'm dubbing the "Collision Zoom Camera" (trademark pending) - which is the scroll wheel zoom. This gives you the best possible orbit camera with the mouse right-button and normal movement arrow/Ins/Del keys meaning you can zoom around the battlefield with much tighter control. When getting to where you want the camera, enable the Numpad Camera for fine control, FOV and Tilt.

    num / - toggle pause state script
    num * - timestop
    ctrl num* - disable timestop

    num 0 - toggle Collision Zoom Camera script
    num . - toggle Numpad camera
  • Absolutely amazing work, one3rd! Thank you so much for this :) I've tried it across 4 missions now and it works perfectly. I'm almost in tears. If you seriously need anything at all, let me know. Thanks to you and OtisInf so much as well for trying to educate me - I am sure I still picked up some of the stuff.
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