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[GUIDE] Homeworld Remastered Collection

Free Camera
numeric . to toggle

Numpad 8/2 - Forward/back
Numpad 4/6 - Left/right
Numpad 9/7 - Up/down
Numpad 3/1 - Tilt
Numpad +/- - Adjust FOV
O/L - Adjust Far Clipping Range (useful for hiding distant ships)

These are xyz coordinates which may not reflect your directions in game. Furthermore, they do not override the 'focus lock' and so you'll have to work around that when achieving your desired angles.

Numeric 0 to enable:

This achieves the same thing as traditionally pausing the game, which lets you still fly the camera around, but without triggering unwanted UI labels. You'll need to add your own enable/disable hotkey for actually switching the boolean on and off.


This table is AOB-enabled and should work on all versions of the game. It was used for Gearbox's own promotional shots and has been published with their blessing, on the understanding that it's an unsupported, unofficial hack. Mods, please do not add gameplay cheats to it and republish.


  • If i could kiss you i totally would. I pre-ordered this game the moment it was possible and i've been wondering on the screen archery-ness-ness of it. 8 hours till unlock...
  • Yer a bloody legend.

    Anyone have any luck getting the resolution up on this thing? It's OpenGL-only, so GeDoSaTo's not an option, and no matter what I do in SWRE the window only ever shows the bottom-left corner of the rendered image. I'm turning in for the night but I'd love to make a poster or two over the weekend.

    PS hi everybody *wave*
  • I think the only way to do it is run your desktop at a custom resolution via, if you have Nvidia, the custom resolutions. If you have a 1440p monitor, you could take it up to 2880p tops, I think, right now.
  • edited February 2015
    It doesn't hotsample. High resolutions are apparently limited to whatever you can force with your drivers.

    I'm sure Duncan tried forcing a resolution in the config without success. So yeah.... that's unfortunate.
  • edited February 2015
    According to the PCgaming wiki for the original Homeworld, the resolution could be set with a registry edit here - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Sierra On-Line\Homeworld

    Now that doesn't exist but it might be a good place to start. Also, have tried command line parameters. They can force windowed mode but not non standard resolutions.

    Update. If you make a shortcut of the HomeworldRM.exe and add parameters -windowed -4500 -1500 and try and load it, it reverts to a standard windowed resolution. HOWEVER if you now start the game through their launcher and try and change the resolution back to fullscreen i get some weird flashing and click "no i don't want to keep those settings" it then changes back to 4500x1500 window.

    Next snag is that resizing using srwe merely changes the window size and cuts off the image... Same with WBG, damn so close...
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    The config file is a .lua under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Profiles\Profile1" or which profile you are currently using.
    (PLAYERCFG.LUA, settings such as screen resolution and such are a bit further down in that file.)

    EDIT: Haven't actually played the game much yet as for some reason Gearbox managed to mess up the launch and it's a limited beta version (Verified the files this morning and it found nothing so it's still not fixed.) with various bugs (There's some UI option that can be set to Off, On and Enhanced with both On and Enhanced breaking the main menu graphics.) and other issues such as the campaign missions missing.
  • I wrestled with the resolution for hours, as you can imagine. There's a tiledshot LUA command in the game that was used for screenshots in the original, but it's totally incompatible with the game's new models and effects. Messing with the resolution in CE will at best fuck up the UI elements and mouse metrics. I'm not sure if it's in the CE table, but I ended up assigning hotkeys to tilt that would let me flick the rotation 90 degrees at a time, which gave me something approaching a decent resolution for portraits. Ultra-wide shots were just pointless, though, as they didn't even scrape 4K on my monitor.

    There's been an issue with the game since the beginning where it can be made to render beyond the viewport in fullscreen, leaving you with this inoperable portion of the image. No way of exploiting this that I'm aware of, though. I only had a few days to do Gearbox's shots so it would have been remiss of me to waste any more time on 'luxury' resolutions.
  • Well, at least it's not just me. I thought maybe I was missing something obvious since I've been out of the screen-archery loop for a while.
    There's been an issue with the game since the beginning where it can be made to render beyond the viewport in fullscreen, leaving you with this inoperable portion of the image.
    Yeah, it seems to happen in both fullscreen and windowed, even with SWRE. I assume they must be doing something in OpenGL that renders in absolute display pixels instead of local window coordinates. Hazards of updating a 15-year-old engine instead of building a new one, I guess.

    Guess I need to try forcing custom resolutions in my driver again (sadly my gorgeous 21:9 monitor hasn't accepted anything past 3200x1350 so far).
  • @George:
    I don't know if you've tried this, but I know jim2point0 managed his crazy 2880p resolution on a 1440p monitor by allowing the refresh rate to go as low as 30Hz. He's using the CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) to force his monitor to accept those refresh rates. Maybe give that a try?
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    Yeah. 5120x2880 works for me and runs well so long as I keep in-game AA to 0. I can at least turn that up. The game, however, does not allow you to change resolution once you start playing. The UI is also very small at 5120x2880.....

    The tilt works for portraits but I'm terrible at eyeballing things with my head turned :(
  • There is UI scaling in the first options menu
  • In this day and age, every game should have UI scaling (and HUD toggles).
  • He's using the CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) to force his monitor to accept those refresh rates. Maybe give that a try?
    Thanks! Fortunately the game plays nice with nVidia's DSR so it's running 5120x2160 like a champ. I'll definitely look into CRU if I need to go higher though!
  • Does anyone still have the table and if so could you please reupload it?
  • Hi! Can you please reupload the table? Thank you
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