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Saints Row IV

Has anyone played with the Saints Row Engine? Specifically for getting control of time, camera and FOV? I bought SRIV during this past weekends deal on Steam and am surprisingly enjoying it so far. The game is pretty over the top but in some respects is part of the charm. It also looks to be very configurable with an SDK and active modding comunity. Here's a couple of things I'm trying to work out to wrangle this into something that can be screenshot properly.

1. Camera + FOV: There are a number of mods for cheats and such as well as changing the player FOV and camera orientation. Also a "slew_mode" that gives you a free camera detached from your character. I'm not sure how to change the FOV of this camera though, it doesn't seem to be the same as the other player cameras which can be modified in an XML file.

2. Timestop: The engine already does this when using the radial weapon menu or going to the main menu. Has anyone done anything with LUA in this engine? I'm wondering if we can control the game time somehow with this instead of trying something with CE. My thinking here is that the slew_camera might work if this is done through the engine instead of using the Menu pause which would then require something extra to be done in CE for the camera control.

3. HUD removal: This is done through addition MOD's or through the in-game cheat interface.

3. High Resolutions: Not so sure on this, all I've been able to get working is maximum driver resolution of 4k. Coupled with in-game 8xMSAA + injected FXAA results are mostly alias free. Since this is DX10/11, GeDoSaTo is out...which would have been nice with it's HUD removal.

To check/test:
  * ini file resolutions settings for high resolutions, notes say it can be done but does not seem to work for me. 
* Does SoftTh work in DX11?

4. Injector support: ReShade works out of the box with proper depth buffer support meaning DoF and possibly better AO. I had problems getting SweetFX to work but I've only tried one build so far.

To check/test:
  * Reshade AO comparison to in-game max SSAO setting
* older SweetFX builds
If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how to tackle some of the issues above I'd appreciate it.

Note: Thanks must go to Grunt2 for posting details on the tools he used in his SRIV shots. His shots, and those notes, prompted me to try out the game.


  • Does hotsampling the game work?

    Also, quick reminder that it was SR3 that burned out one of my old graphics cards when trying to force SGSSAA through the driver. Probably no longer relevant.

    Game seems like a nice candidate for Cheat Engine treatment. Changing FOV through XML files is so ghetto. In fact, all of these crazy workarounds and modes sound like a royal pain in the arse. Ideally, you want to have all the tools right there while you're playing.

    I will investigate.
  • I haven't been able to get hotswapping or alternate AR's to work yet. It can render larger in a window but then changes the resolution to what you set in SRWE when shrinking it down. Anything other than 16:9 AR was stretched for me but there may be something that can be done in CE for that similar to the fix in CLoS2?!

    Changing FOV with XML files *is* ghetto and any other solution would be better. The problem I had with this though is that it seems you are only able to change the FOV of "working" cameras in the game. The slew_camera function that is called with the free camera mod seems to have a fixed FOV which is probably around 90deg. being able to change this on the fly with the slew_camera would be a great start. But then again, timestop will probably stop the slew_camera as well.
  • Will be interesting to see if this will also work for (Saints Row) Gat out of Hell which comes out tomorrow, of course mods would have to be redone but it should still be the same engine. :)
  • Is that an expansion for SRIV or am expand-alone where it's a separate game?

    Also, I just tested both WBG and it seems to do the same thing as SRWE where it just resizes the window not the rendering resolution. Is there anything special that needs to be set in SRWE or WBG? I'm just using the default settings.

    Also2, I've just been trying out some of those mods and the first person view mod completely changes the game. Turns it into a super-hero parkour game!
  • edited January 2015
    Looked at this again and figured out why I wasn't able to render any resolution over my driver resolutions. There is a setting in the \Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\display.ini file that stops this from working. Change verifyresolution to false as well as fullscreen. Set the resolutions settings to what you want, I used 5120x2880 which gave me about 17FPS with everything max. Change the below values in the display.xml file;
    ResolutionWidth = 5120
    ResolutionHeight = 2880
    Fullscreen = false
    VerifyResolution = false

    This will render in a large window that you can use SRWE to reduce to your desktop size. This shot was taken at 5120x2880 with in-game 8xMSAA. It could still use some more AA though.
  • Progress report:

    Camera: hacked. Don't have tilt yet but otherwise straightforward. Works during gameplay and cutscenes.
    FOV: hacked.
    Timestop: Not so hacked. I can invoke the game's pause state but it makes several particle effects disappear and freezes the camera. The game does adjust the timescale on occasion, though, so I'll target that next.
    DoF and other postproc: To do.
  • Oh wow! I'll try this out tonight and provide some feedback. Thanks Duncan. =D
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