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Why do you take screenshots?

Hey guys, I'm very new to the whole screenshotting thing but today I wrote an article for my site about why I find it so interesting. The site attempts to deal with mental health issues and gaming and I thought it was perfect fodder for an article. As my life has been quite negatively affected by mental health issues screenshotting gives me an obvious way to be creative but also offers me the thing I crave above all else, control. I go into it deeper in the article if you wish to give it a read.

Anyways, it got me think...why do you guys take screenshots? The images posted here and too Flickr absolutely blow me away and I am finding great inspiration for your work, I guess I am just wondering what drew you to the practice in the first place. :)


  • A very interesting read scanner, thank you for for sharing that.
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    Well, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. And to continue what seems to be an ongoing trend in this thread, I also have been known to suffer from some pretty bad depression. It's been known to hit me hard and fast ever since my parents died. Video gaming has always been a nice way to take my mind off of that to this very day.

    I've always been a stickler for image quality. The first thing I'd do when playing a new game was look up a way to kill aliasing. So when I first saw some Skyrim screenshots from this DeadEndThrills guy on Reddit, I was blown away. I did a little research into his methods and discovered something called "2160p downsampling." 4K might be all the rage nowadays, but 3 years ago it wasn't so common. I felt like I should spread the joy of downsampling as best I could, so I began taking some pretty crappy Skyrim screenshots of my own. I even tried my hand at tweaking ENB for a little while. I joined the ENB forums in order to post my crappy tweaks. I ran into another forum user named "Midhras." Not only did his screenshots showcase very attractive ENB configs, but he also had an interesting knack for composing good screenshots. I tracked him down on Flickr, which led me to discover the DeadEndThrills Flickr group. This exposed me to a whole community of folks taking interesting screenshots of a variety of video games. It looked like a lot of fun. Not only that, but Duncan Harris would often pick the best shots out of the Flickr group to show on his website. Having your shots picked like that seemed like a huge honor, and I just had to get in on that.

    And so began my journey in this silly screenshotting hobby.
    * Discovered most games lack the screenshotting toolset in Skyrim
    * Researched Cheat Engine to hack no-clip into Borderlands and Dishonored
    * Got better at cheat engine (and screenshotting in general)
    * Made some friends in the Flickr and DET screenshotting community (we're a cool bunch, don't ya know)

    My purpose in screenshotting has certainly changed over the years. I really like good cinematography in movies. I also enjoy looking at really imaginative pieces of concept art. So now when I see this stuff, I try to log it away as inspiration when I do video game screenshots. Sometimes this community gets images that really do resemble beautiful works of art or well-composed movie stills. My hope is that I can actually get good enough at composition to churn those out regularly myself.... but I still think I have a long way to go as this definitely does not come naturally to me. I continue to do it though because it's fun. It's also really hard to do well, so there's a sense of accomplishment when I get a screenshot that's actually worthy of discussion.

    If for nothing else, I'd continue to do it just to give myself a reason to hang out and talk to the folks I've gotten to know over the years on Flickr\DET.
  • to me it was and still is a new way of playing games , when you finish playing a SP campaign pretty much that game falls of your list but with screenshotting there's an after life after finishing a game by screenshotting the hell out of a game but in a unique way to show others how Games are interactive Art Pieces

    now i try to screenshot Movies/Anime as possible as i can even though there's nearly no effort in it but i like it
  • A lovely and humbling read - both the article and the thread. Best wishes to all.
  • * Researched Cheat Engine to hack no-clip into Borderlands and Dishonored

    Hi, found this searching for 'Borderlands' on this forum. I failed to find any working solution for no-clipping in Borderlands, could you please share you knowledge on how to do it? Thanks in advance and sorry for necroposting.

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