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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 3 + Liberation

Cheat Engine table download link

Toggle Free Camera = F1
X = [numpad 4/6]
Y = [numpad 2/8]
Z = [Numpad 3/9]

Enable FOV Override = F2
Increase FOV = Numpad +
Decrease FOV = Numpad

This table works for both Assassin's Creed 3 and Liberation.


  • Hi, jim2point0 ! Could you upload the table again? Thank you
  • First of all, huge thanks for this CT, I really needed a free camera for AC3.
    I have a question though: is there any way to play this game in windowed mode or borderless?
  • I don't think the game itself supports this type of display mode (Not even sure if standard windowed mode was possible.) though a utility such as Borderless Gaming might help but some games can be troublesome so it doesn't always work.

    And there's also this program, Windowed Borderless Gaming.
  • edited July 2016
    Yeah I made a long research but nothing found online actually worked. I also tried SRWE but due to the fullscreen nature of the game my entire system froze and I had to reboot (I read that AC3 itself always had this freezing issue also while playing normally and Ubisoft never tried to fix it). For this reason I doubt WBG will work... I was wondering if there actually was a better method, something that only you experts here know. For AC4 there is a sort of hack that allows you to change the game from fullscreen to windowed, but I suppose there's nothing like that for AC3 right?

    Thank you for the answer though!
  • As the game is still free and I had an hour or 2 to spare, I ported my camera tools to AC3 and here it is: I used Jim's CT as a starting point to find the look quaternion (start with the FoV and Thou Shall Find It), I added timestop and a hud toggle.
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