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[GUIDE] Assassin's Creed 3 + Liberation

Cheat Engine table download link

Toggle Free Camera = F1
X = [numpad 4/6]
Y = [numpad 2/8]
Z = [Numpad 3/9]

Enable FOV Override = F2
Increase FOV = Numpad +
Decrease FOV = Numpad

This table works for both Assassin's Creed 3 and Liberation.


  • Hi, jim2point0 ! Could you upload the table again? Thank you
  • First of all, huge thanks for this CT, I really needed a free camera for AC3.
    I have a question though: is there any way to play this game in windowed mode or borderless?
  • I don't think the game itself supports this type of display mode (Not even sure if standard windowed mode was possible.) though a utility such as Borderless Gaming might help but some games can be troublesome so it doesn't always work.

    And there's also this program, Windowed Borderless Gaming.
  • edited July 2016
    Yeah I made a long research but nothing found online actually worked. I also tried SRWE but due to the fullscreen nature of the game my entire system froze and I had to reboot (I read that AC3 itself always had this freezing issue also while playing normally and Ubisoft never tried to fix it). For this reason I doubt WBG will work... I was wondering if there actually was a better method, something that only you experts here know. For AC4 there is a sort of hack that allows you to change the game from fullscreen to windowed, but I suppose there's nothing like that for AC3 right?

    Thank you for the answer though!
  • As the game is still free and I had an hour or 2 to spare, I ported my camera tools to AC3 and here it is: I used Jim's CT as a starting point to find the look quaternion (start with the FoV and Thou Shall Find It), I added timestop and a hud toggle.
  • @otisinf
    Does this camera only work with the UPlay version? I had it on Steam, which launches through UPlay so I thought it was the same, but the game crashes after injecting the tool and ALT-TABing back to the game.
  • edited April 2017
    Yes only the UPlay version, as the steam version has some extra code build in which means the offsets likely are different. I didn't aob scan the camera... I don't have the steam version so I can't test.

    I could create a temp build for you which aob scans the data, as I have AOB scanning now built-in in the generic camera system, so I could port that over, but it will be the weekend I'm afraid till I have time for that. It then is to be seen whether the code is indeed the same...
  • No hurry at all but if you could do that it would great! I also noticed that I seem to have two AC3 games in my UPlay account and thought one must have been the UPlay version...both of them launch the same game through Steam though. UPlay is pretty strange some times.
  • edited April 2017
    I have to rework too much code to get this working, the scanner I have is for 64bit and the code of the camera is before I refactored it in a newer form with namespaces etc. so porting the scanner and the changes in the general camera code over to the 32bit camera code for ac3 is a lot of work. Sorry, mate but it's too much work to do in the short period of time I have, so I'll leave it at that.
  • No worries! Thanks for looking into it though.
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