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What happened to the Castlevania 2 Guide?


  • edited January 2015
    Perhaps it was accidentally lost with the removal of the screenshot threads?

    There were some issues with GeDoSaTo compatibility as well but I don't think that's why it was removed and there's been no patches so any Cheat-Engine script should still be compatible.
    (With 0.15 or newer of GeDo it should be possible to force any screen resolution though I need to try it to see how this game reacts to that.)
  • I hope I didn't accidentally remove it. That guide was a pain, and the only way I'll ever remember the necessary setting to make it work.

    I'll check with Duncan.
  • That would suck, I started that one before Xmas but got sidetracked by others. Can't remember much from that guide, hopefully it can be recovered if it's been deleted.
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    I had a cheat engine table along with all the settings required to make GeDoSaTo work with large resolutions and aspect ratios. It's probably not too difficult to figure out again though.

    I doubt I'll continue with the game. I just did not like the modern world sections at all. They were a huge slog and they continued through til the end :(
  • the aspect ratio trick just put me down before i started to use the table

    i 'll give it a go later once i'm done with GTA5 ( ps4 )
  • I was lucky we could get different ARs to work at all, really.

    Which makes me wonder if we can somehow pull that off in Dark Souls as well...
  • do it the natty.dread way

    line them above/next each other and merge them in PS/PTgui pro

    i snapped a giant shot from the last of Us that way but i spent almost an hour doing it which is just a mood killer
  • edited January 2015
    I had it working at some point, this is what I had in my CLOS2\GeDoSaTo.ini. Might be in the default settings like this though, just pasting here to preserve. Did it only work with the specified resolution if you set this in a the games ini file as well?
    # This is a profile file for CLOS2

    renderResolution [email protected]
    presentWidth 5760
    presentHeight 3240

    forceAlwaysDownsamplingRes true
    forcePresentRes true

    # HUD removal - Works until City of the Dead
    injectPSHash 3de11d46

    # HUD removal - Works from City of the Dead
    #injectPSHash aa219b4c
    #injectDelayAfterDraw true
    Edit: Looks like I modified the ini file with those same resolutions settings above as well. It can be found in \Documents\MercurySteam\Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2\[some number]\game.cfg, set the following lines.
    FullScreen                     = 0 
    VideoWidth = 5760
    VideoHeight = 3240
    Edit2: Looks like you may also need to set fullscreen to 0 for windowed as well.
  • Yup, that looks right. You had to force a specific windowed resolution, then resize the window with SRWE. This is purely for screenshots, of course.

    You could only have 1 GDST resolution as well. That's why I started keeping my resolutions in game-specific config files.
  • Yup, definitely then need SRWE to resize. Thanks Jim!

    Is the CE table in your normal dropbox folder? With that we should be able to rebuild the guide.
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