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ReShade is in public beta



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    quick example of depth buffer in witcher 3 [note I didn't use any settings that I would ever use for a screenshot, just exaggerating it for the image]

    logdepth btw image
  • 0.18.6, fixes the gamma bug that existed in 0.18.5 and has some other improvements, also fixed the key input not working correctly in Witcher 3 which was caused by the game using raw input, should fix it for other games too. :)


    Fixed gamma issues in Direct3D10/11 renderers on Windows 8+
    Fixed keyboard input not working in games using RawInput
    Fixed effect parser accepting empty variable declarations
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    Fixed raw input device registration failing under certain circumstances
    Fixed memory leak in Direct3D10/11 renderers
    Only two fixes but very useful, memory leak fix especially as that caused some games to crash at start.
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    0.19.0 released.



    Added special handling for effect files which are symlinks
    Added option to change screenshot path via "#pragma reshade screenshot_location"
    Fixed OpenGL gamma correction issues in some games
    Changed raw input handling to fix the occurrence of duplicated input in some games
    And the framework changes.

    This update features::

    Added brand new and highly anticipated deband shader by JPulowski
    Added brand new paint shader by JPulowski
    A huge update on the Gaussian shader by Ioxa
    Another improvement to the lens effect of ambient light shader
    Completely overhauled configuration files by Ioxa to fit the new Mediator
    And...of course the long awaited Mediator by Luciferhawk ;)
    EDIT: 0.19.1


    Fixed "IDXGIFactory::CreateSwapChain" hooks passing the hooked device to the trampoline function rather than the original
    Fixed "D3D10CreateDeviceAndSwapChain" and "D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain" hooks using wrong factory to create swapchain
    Fixed Direct3D10/11 device creation failing on Windows 7 without the platform update KB2670838
    Changed WinSock return code handling

  • 0.19.2:

    Fixed comma operator producing type conversion errors during effect compiling
    Changed technique timeout handling to ignore toggle key input while inside timeout
    Another update to the 0.19.x branch. :)
  • http://reshade.me/forum/releases/989-1-00

    The next release will bring ReShade out of beta and up to version 1.00, seems that most of the changes will be with the config tool fixing reported issues and implementing user suggestion but there will probably be a few changes to the shader files too and the core ReShade .dll files.
  • 1.0.0 has been released, file names of the config files and the "Mediator" program has changed again so a removal of the existing ReShade version and then installing this will probably be best.
  • did they enhance DOF values control ?

    i'm too tired of sepnding 30 minutes trying to understand how DOF works in every game
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    ReShade 1.1.0 is out. :)



    Added basic Direct3D 12 hooks (but no renderer yet)
    Added some simple GUI widgets for testing (currently disabled)
    Changed uniform updating to happen only once per frame instead of on every technique
    Changed some renderer calls for minor performance improvements
    Changed network traffic detection to only observe upload traffic
    Fixed OpenGL renderer initialization not preserving the OpenGL state
    Fixed internal shader compiler error when using expression sequences in variable declarator lists
    Fixed rendering failing in Direct3D9 if software processing is enabled
    Fixed hook installation returning an error if hook was already installed
    Fixed OpenGL renderer not cleaning up effects
    Removed draw activity check from Direct3D9 renderer
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    ReShade 2.0.0 Changelog

    Added new preprocessor written from scratch
    Added "exists" expression to preprocessor to check for file existence (example: #if exists("file.txt") ...)
    Added "__APPLICATION_NAME__" predefined macro containing the executable name
    Added option to hide info messages via "#pragma reshade noinfomessages"
    Added compiler error on unexpected token while parsing statement
    Added compiler error on unexpected token in technique declaration
    Added default initialization to zero to all mutable ReShade FX variables
    Added workaround for Direct3D8 applications attempting to use D3DLOCK_DISCARD on D3DPOOL_MANAGED vertex buffers
    Added support for GL_DEPTH_STENCIL format
    Added "mousepoint" source for uniform variables (float2 with mouse cursor coordinates)
    Improved lexer performance with character lookup table and custom number parsing
    Fixed crash due to deleted default render target resources on Direct3D8 device creation
    Fixed crash when deleting OpenGL effect pass due to the VTable being overwritten to zero
    Fixed Direct3D9 renderer not saving and restoring the viewport
    Fixed ReShade FX namespaces
    Fixed runtime attempting to apply effect even if compilation failed
    Fixed input being ignored for games passing "PM_NOYIELD" to PeekMessage
    Fixed editing the main effect file not triggering a recompile
    Fixed signature of "rcp", "all" and "any" intrinsics
    Fixed runtime not clearing pragma list between compiles
    Changed statistics overlay technique rendering time element to show average value
    Changed COM reference counting to use smart wrapper
    Removed WInSocks download hooks
    Removed check for whether the same source code was already compiled previously (will always recompile now)
    Removed ReShade FX "texture1d" and "texture3d" types
    Removed "ID3D10DepthStencilView::Release" and "ID3D11DepthStencilView::Release" hooks
    Removed error code to string conversion from log messages
    Removed unused default vertex buffer object from OpenGL renderer

    Hotfix Changelog (ReShade Assistant)

    Faster tab navigation
    Changed to software rendering for Assistant windows (should lead to better performance for most users)
    The Default preset cannot be deleted anymore from within the Assistant
    The application linked Global.cfg will now automatically be created when the users creates a new application profile

    Changelog (ReShade Assistant)


    ReShade Assistant 3D Scene Preview Release and integration into ReShade Assistant
    TransMod tool integration into ReShade Assistant
    Highly customizable design
    New layout that compresses the view while at the same time allowing transparency on feature interaction
    No more re-compilation due to preview window size changes
    LUT creation in 3D and non 3D preview window from selected ReShade configuration

    Guide Lines:

    RightShift + MouseWheel/Left-/RightArrowKey will scroll through feature tabs
    RightCtrl + MouseWheel will scroll through info box
    RightClick on non-interactive elements + MouseWheel will scroll through feature tabs
    Removing the "ReShade Assistant.ini" will reset the configuration to some default values
    LeftClick on Pipeline elements will activate/deactivate them
    RightClick on Pipeline elements will select them and display their variables in the neighbor tab
    L+prtscr in the preview window will create a LUT screenshot in the root folder

    Changelog (ReShade File/Folder Layout)


    A ReShade preset is now directly linked to an application profile
    An application profile is now directly linked to the related application
    Global configurations (e.g. depth buffer settings) are now directly linked to an application profile
    Shader and configuration files are now representing developer domains

    Changelog (Shader)


    The depth buffer linearization functions have been overhauled
    Many new shaders have been added to the GitHub and are now included in this release
    Many improvements/fixes have been introduced to various shaders (which can be better explained by the related developers)

  • ReShade 2.0.1 Changelog

    Fixed Direct3D11 runtime not cleaning up COM references to the backbuffer correctly
    Fixes a possible crash with DirectX 11 games. :)

    Also D3D12 support is currently on hold so no support for ReShade in for example Ashes of Singularity or the upcoming Hitman game, for now.
    (Vulkan support might happen though.)
  • They somehow managed to make that assistant thing even worse. I'm not even touching that thing...
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    I don't use it either, I understand it's meant to make managing multiple profiles easier but I prefer to do it manually so I just copy the ReShade.fx and ReShade folder over with whatever .dll is needed (64 or 32-bit and then named for the DXGI, OpenGL or D3D9 API.) and then I just edit the config files on a per-game basis, usually I keep SMAA and the new version of the deband shader on for everything and then it's minor tweaks depending on the game oh and yeah enabling logarithmic for games using that form of depth buffer and certain games (Unity Engine in particular.) also requires flipping or inverting it, sometimes both which is now supported by the new shader pack.
    (The new denoise shader is pretty interesting but the gaussian blur it adds is a bit problematic, not quite what I expected but I suppose while having some form of global anti-noise filter and while at it anti-chromatic aberration shaders would be sweet it's not really doable in this way unfortunately.)

    Oh and as of the 2.0.x binaries and the ReShade.fx changes if you don't use a specific profile (Set up via the mediator / assistant.) you'll get a small yellow warning message with how it fell back to the default profile, this is fine and the text goes away after a few seconds.
    (Warning messages are mostly completely harmless, those are in yellow text whereas actual errors in red text are something to keep in mind if they occur.)

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    ReShade 2.0.2 Changelog

    Added support for multi-line string literals
    Changed floating point literal precision to 9
    Fixed crash when multiple renderer instances reference the same window
    Fixed compiler error when dividing a constant by zero


    (Plus of course the recent changes to the ReShade shaders. - https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders/commits/master )


    ReShade 2.0.3 Changelog

    Added Direct3D9 depth access for old cards which do not have "INTZ" support, but "DF16" and/or "DF24"
    Fixed two effect parser bugs which caused invalid code generation

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