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ReShade is in public beta



  • Yeah, I'm seeing that now as well. It seems to be very flaky as well when switching back and forth to change settings in ReShade. I think that setting "forceBorderlessFullscreen true" in GeDo is making it a bit more stable though, testing now.

    Man! That DoF shader really has a price at 5120x2880! 60FPS down to 7FPS when enabled.

    Oh and I tried MSI Afterburner for screenshots and that seems to work with this combination. I'll use that prt scr though.
  • If you set the qulity (sic) to 0 you regain a lot of FPS. You can set it back to 7 when taking the shot. I'll try setting borderless fullscreen to true and see if it helps. Also, you can go up to 3240p and still have high res textures, I think.
  • Yes...but I want my 3:4 and 1:1 AR's back! There is something not right in how GeDo is interacting with ReShade though, the only thing that is (partially) coming through is the displaying of the GeDo resolutions, everything else doesn't seem to work.

    These new shaders do have my interest though, I think I'll try some other older titles and see if I have any different luck.
  • Well, not just the display of GeDo resolutions, but also applying them. For me that's plenty, if not ideal. True aspect ratio switching would be great, but I'll take this as it is. Much more convenient than trying to fiddle with GeDoSaTo post processing.
  • kx11 said:

    could someone contact the guy who made Reshade and ask him if it's possible to use it for TV feed capture ??

    Find Crosire on the Reshade forums, a really good person who will help you even with the slightest of things.
  • dose that means i can use Gedosato with dx11 games if Reshade is enabled?

    anyway can anyone show me where can i download MassterEffect Reborn
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    GeDoSaTo does not work with DX11.

    MasterEffect download links here
  • Anyone here been messing around with "GEMFX?" I've only just started hearing about this and have no idea what it is.
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    I only remember it briefly from it's early Rome 2 Total War release but it seems to have become a full shader pack lately which works with other games too.

    (And various screenshots. - http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?672493-User-Pictures-amp-Videos )

    EDIT: The "MasterEffect" shader package has a thread on the ReShade.me forums now, there's a updated version available too with some fixes, performance improvements and shader additions.
  • There was a GEMFX for Dark Souls 2 and if I remember correctly it was quite popular. I never tried it out, which I should have, but it didn't really appeal to me visually off the bat, so I kind of left it lying.
  • A compatibility list is available.
    Add any games not already that you've found to work (or partially) on Crosire's forum.
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    Sigh. Tried Borderlands 2. When I switch to a GeDoSaTo resolution, I get a black screen.
  • Sigh. Tried Borderlands 2. When I switch to a GeDoSaTo resolution, I get a black screen.


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    So far, any game I try with GeDoSaTo gives me a black screen unless I toggle off ReShade. Windowed mode isn't helping.
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    Make sure to disable any form of AA first. Also, run in a window always (even if you said that didn't amount to much). For me in Transformers, I invariably get a black screen when I try to run in fullscreen. I'll give Dishonored a whirl later this week, even if that works with SoftTH and TheLookingGlass. Maybe that will work better.

    Has there been word of Durante looking into ensuring compatibility between the tools?
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