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ReShade is in public beta



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    Settings management changed as described here: reshade.me/forum/general-discussion-2/20...-file-location#14955
    Fixed overlay not rendering if no effects were loaded in some cases (e.g. Witcher 3)
    Fixed mouse block not working with Raw Input in some cases (e.g. Crysis 3, which uses DirectInput, but the latest dinput driver uses Raw Input internally)
    Removed default preset file
    Added "ui_tooltip" annotation to add tooltips to variables

    Fixed screenshot file creating failing
    Fixed lexer failing to parse floating point numbers with exponent (SMAA works correctly again now)


    Fixed duplicate input in games using raw input
    Added performance mode which converts all uniform variables to constants
    Moved uniform editor to home tab
    Added warning message to splash screen if some shaders failed to compile


    Fixed massive input lag in some games if overlay was visible
    Added option to block all input outside overlay if visible


    Updated setup tool to always ask for user confirmation even after auto-detecting a game's API
    Added tutorial that explains the most important features of the UI
    Added UI widgets for boolean and integer variables (Note: Integer variables are always represented as floating point on Direct3D 9, because of how they are handled internally. They are working as expected on all other APIs.)
    Added parser syntax error when encountering an initializer on a variable with semantics
    Replaced long list of style options with a few simple color options (much easier to change the theme now)
    Made theme settings application-specific, rather than global and removed Style.ini
    Changed default theme
    Fixed some crashes
    Fixed performance mode disabling special uniforms like timers too
    Fixed crash if parser encounters a "switch" statement with a default case
    Removed shader editor (that thing was buggy as hell)

    And from alpha #3 (first public release.) to alpha #7 it's now in actual beta. :)


    Reworked tutorial text (was more of a placeholder up until now)
    Added option to change font scale with Ctrl + mouse wheel, so it stays readable on very high resolutions
    Added filter edit box to variable list, so one can search for specific variable names
    Added automatic search for preset files if none were added manually (looks through ReShade directory + subdirectories and tries to find any valid preset files)
    Changed settings file handling: Now checks for a ReShade.ini in ReShade directory and stores settings there if found, %appdata%\ReShade\[exename].ini otherwise.
    Changed all INI key names for the settings as well
    Fixed crash when creating texture under OpenGL
    Fixed display of integer variables in UI
    Fixed missing draw call information on statistics tab of the UI
    Fixed input not being recognized in SDL games
    Fixed timestamp format on screenshot file names


    Fixed ReShade nuking all INI files in the game folder
    Fixed input not being recognized in games using GetMessage instead of PeekMessage for processing (e.g. Frostbite games)
    Added parser error when encountering more than one statement in a switch case body


    Added option to change preprocessor definitions in the UI (on the Settings tab)
    Changed variable filtering to take file names into account as well (case sensitive)


    Added combo box variable display type (for selection of different options)
    Fixed display of integer variable under Direct3D 9
    Default settings are now loaded from a "Defaults.ini" file if it exists
    Added option to pass on all input instead of blocking it
    Changed variable filter box to always stay visible on top of the variable list
    Added log message when compiling effect files
    Added parser error if a variable is both "uniform" and "const"
    Added warning on implicit vector truncation in function calls
    Fixed missing error when encountering mistake while parsing annotations
    Fixed missing error messages after internal shader compilation failed
    Fixed effects not sharing samplers states under Direct3D 10 and 11 (causing available sampler slots to run out very fast)

    Currently it's still mostly for developers as the actual shaders have not yet been updated with support for the ReShade 3.0 changes although you can get SMAA (shader anti-aliasing) and Marty's MXAO (ambient occlusion) via the Github repository.

    From what I've used of ReShade 3.x myself it takes a while to get used to as it's intended to be .dll files only and then shaders from elsewhere so with the above you have to place the files somewhere and then call on them from in-game via the Shift+F2 command to open the ReShade 3.0 menu overlay and in there specify a preset .ini file (Which will make said ini file if you don't specify a existing one.) and also the location of the shader files and any accompanying texture files.

    This is then saved in *AppData* (roaming) \ ReShade in a ini file, I don't think you can set a global or default one yet so it's per-game although multiple games can of course be set to the same profile ini and shaders and textures search paths. :)
    (Which is what I'm using currently with SMAA for a few games such as Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Mirror's Edge - Catalyst and yada yada.)

    Definitively takes a while to get used to but I'm not entirely disliking it after having spent a while familiarizing myself with the in-game overlay and it's features though I am not advanced enough that I can actually rewrite the current 2.x shader files for 3.0 compatibility myself.
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    3.0 beta #5

    Removed built-in Direct3D 8 converter (will be provided as a standalone)
    Clarified tutorial on preset files (you'll now have to create a preset in the process to make sure configuration is stored later)
    Improved error output in log file and log window (now shows which file internal errors refer to)
    Improved technique and variable layout on home page (now can be grouped by file names)
    Moved settings file from AppData directory to DLL folder (now called "[DLLNAME].ini") and changed INI layout slightly
    Fixed default directory for new preset files
    Fixed shader stage incompatibilities in Direct3D 10/11 when resolving backbuffer but not rendering any effects
    Fixed invalid type in unary expressions after constant folding
    Increased number of texture slots restored by OpenGL stateblock (should fix missing textures in No Man Sky etc.)
    Improved performance
    Disabled pre-population of preset file list


    Beta #6

    Added message to screen counting down the remaining effects while compiling
    Added error message if DirectX end-user runtime is not installed instead of simply crashing like before
    Fixed texture registers exceeding way too fast on Direct3D 10 and 11
    Fixed bitwise operations returning wrong results in Direct3D 9 effect code
    Rewrote setup tool from almost scratch (now includes the DLLs and is therefore fully self-contained)
    Setup tool now asks whether it should download shaders from the GitHub repository and automatically installs them if desired

    Beta #7

    Changed file name tree nodes on home page to be collapsed by default
    Added movable splitter between technique and variable editor
    Increased label width in variable editor
    Fixed splash screen not showing up before effects are reloaded on startup
    Fixed texture references not being updated properly on Direct3D 10 and 11 (causing invalid depth data)

    Beta #8

    Prettified preset file layout
    Added option to display FPS counter on screen (Settings > User Interface > Show FPS)
    Added option to change technique toggle key in in-game GUI
    Added license information to about page
    Added deprecation warning for type tokens on annotations
    Fixed depth buffer / back buffer mixup occuring in Direct3D 10/11
    Fixed effects not showing up properly in Direct3D 10 and 11 as long as splash screen is visible
    Fixed issues related to font rendering
    Fixed input processing mode not being loaded from configuration file correctly
    Forced usage of DXGI 1.1 and D3D 10.1 instead of allowing older versions
    Removed left-over hooks registration for d3d8.dll
    Removed trace logging and added more "normal" log messages

    Beta #9 (Current)

    Fixed unresolved hooks if Direct3D 10 is used without loading d3d10_1.dll
    Fixed black screen in OpenGL games using "glClipControl" to change clipping behavior (Welcome, DOOM, you are now supported)
    Fixed changes to boolean variables not being saved to preset file
    Fixed "Alt" key state not being updated after leaving the window via "Alt + Tab"
    Fixed games using "ClipCursor" incorrectly preventing proper use of the in-game GUI
    Added thread synchronization to window message handling
    Invalid techniques are no longer displayed if internal shader compilation failed
    Changed default input processing mode to always block input as long as in-game GUI is open
    Removed technique timeout feature
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  • 3.0.1:

    Added pre-processor macro "__RESHADE_PERFORMANCE_MODE__" to get performance mode status
    Added filter edit box to technique list in GUI
    Added frame time in milliseconds to FPS display
    Fixed OpenGL renderer not converting linear to sRGB color space when rendering to back buffer
  • edited November 2016


    ReShade now automatically adds any preset files found in the same directory
    Added key to toggle all effects globally
    Added button to expand/collapse all technique/variable tree nodes (note: this only sets the default action and no longer applies once you manually opened a tree node)
    Added support for relative paths in config file (note: ReShade resets them to absolute paths once loaded)
    Replaced separate technique/variable filter boxes with a single one for both lists + tree nodes now expand as soon as text is entered
    Fixed wrong technique times if toggled in UI
    Fixed techniques toggling on/off while modifying toggle key property
    Replaced leading zeros in FPS counter with spaces
    Setup tool now creates a default config file regardless whether default effects were downloaded or not


    Added "Search" default text to filter box
    Added option to display clock on screen
    Fixed tree expanding/collapsing in UI
    Fixed artifacts on UI in Direct3D 9
    Fixed input for games using child windows (ReShade 3.0 is now compatible with Flight Simulator X)


    Fixed wrong cast written when generating GLSL code for intrinsics with four arguments
    Fixed synchronization while checking hooks sometimes causing a deadlock
  • 3.0.5:

    Added thread synchronization to hook installation again, but only is safe places to avoid a deadlock as previously
    Fixed input capturing not working in some applications using multiple parent/child window relationships
    Fixed effect parser not issuing an error if a variable in a function body has the same name as one of the parameters
    Fixed crash if "Consolas" font is not found (now falls back to default)
    Fixed correct OpenGL clip mode not set when rendering UI
  • edited January 2017


    And 3.0.6 is out.


    Fixed bug causing some D3D9 games to hang
    Fixed technique/variable filter not being applied after reloading
    Fixed invalid character reported in log when encountering unsupported OpenGL layered context type
  • 3.0.7

    Log file now uses ISO 8601 timestamps
    Added fall-back "ReShade.ini" main configuration file
    Added hint to setup tool informing the user that binaries can be extracted by pressing "Ctrl" while clicking on the main button
    Added FPS estimate to technique list on statistics page (Warning: all values on the statistics page are CPU times and do NOT necessarily express the actual rendering time on the GPU, as such do NOT rely on these values at the moment)
    Added thread synchronization to hook installation again, this time using a different method that hopefully fixes remaining problems
    Added new "TechniqueSorting" value in the preset files that stores the order of techniques regardless of whether they are enabled or not
    Fixed a possible issue with D3D9 Valve games
    Changed splitter between technique and variable list in UI more noticable
    Changed configuration storage to save global font scale
    Changed error log window to automatically show if errors occurred while compiling shaders
  • I was just wondering when on earth this would be released! I think I fixed that splitter issue 3 months ago! Good to see there's now a better technique sorting implemented as the default made no sense :)
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