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The Official 'Your Favourite Shots' Thread



  • More shots, from other games than Bioshock.

    image image

    (Left) Rise Of The Tomb Raider - See The Light: I like how the light coming from outside is like a spotlight for the massacre. The cruelty and pain is captured neatly in this shot.

    (Right) Dishonored 2 - Office View: I just had to take the shot because to me the window's glass looked neat. Also the minimalistic and realistic aspect of this shot is amazing.


    Assassin's Creed Origins - Riding In The Night: The trees... They are just so amazing to photograph. I set the shot so the moon would peek from behind the leaves and give nice moon ray effect.


    Assassin's Creed Origins - Front Yard: Cleopatra admiring her front yard view. I like that the palm trees are nicely in line and there is so much green in the shot. Also the light reflected on her back from the fire behind her is cool too.


    Dishonored 2 - Photographer: I thought it'd be cool to take a photograph of the photographer. I wonder what her photograph looks like. I got the nice DOF effect by holding the melee button and then pausing the game with the camera tool. The DOF effect looked much better in my native resolution but I think the shot came out pretty well anyways.
  • Even more shots...

    image image

    (Left) Watch Dogs - Stairs: The realistic architecture of the game allows for pretty amazing shots. I stumbled upon these stairs and thought the lighting seemed kinda cool.

    (Right) Assassin's Creed Origins - Palm Trees At Night: It took me so long to get this composition well. But in the end I liked how this turned out. I just like the relaxing minimalistic feature of the shot.

    image image

    (Left) Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Under The Bridge: I saw a few shots by other people taken from this angle of other games and I wanted to try what kind of shot I could come up with. I like the broken railroad bridge and how you can see the path Lara walked from behind her.

    (Right) Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Emotions: Right. This one I like very very much. Pretty much everything in the shot is to my liking. The soft lighting on her face, the DOF blur on the jacket, the chaotic background with the fallen trees. And the facial expression is amazing.


    Rise Of The Tomb Raider - All Is Lost: This one was cool to shoot. When I put the custom resolution to SRWE and went back to ROTTR, the whole scene flashed very bright, and I quickly snapped a shot before the light dimmed back to normal. I like the way it turned out with the bright light.
  • Seems that the last submission to this thread was a year ago so I don't know if anybody is reading this anymore.

    Great shots! I like it

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