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Far Cry 4



  • That game seems to have a real issue marrying the skybox with the distant terrain. Trying to alleviate it with sledgehammer DoF just adds another problem on top.
  • I can't be the only one who likes the skybox.
  • What about the in game camera with the hud removal at a press of a button? :s

    Huh? What about it?
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    I think he means as a tool to hide the HUD (And gun) and control FOV (And DOF strength if enabled as you zoom in and out.) but it won't help with changing say the camera height or freezing a actor like a dedicated photo mode could since you are still just walking around with the camera. (Or what a trainer or cheat-engine plugin could do.)

    (Seen some amazing screens from GTA5 on PS4 since it has stuff like that, should means when the PC version is out we'll see screens posted everywhere, heh.)
    (This for example. - http://i.imgur.com/zBqPbpX.jpg or this http://i.imgur.com/g2kdvMW.jpg )
  • kx11 said:

    aliased and blurry like a PS4 screenshot but good composition

    Thanks, I think I'm going to go back and retake it with better image quality and res perhaps.
  • Shit, I tried to move the last two posts to The Shot Clinic, then found out I could only split them off into a new discussion instead of moving them over, and ended up tossing them altogether, by accident.

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    ... Iam using the K-putt'e Config with SweetFX. For some reason the screenshot i try to take are saved nowhere... searched on every folder but everthings empty...
    anyone a good idea how to set this up?

    Edit: i do notice some weird DDS files in the file directory of farcyr4
  • Hmm, is the DOF in those pics something Nvidia only? I have nothing like that in my game on an AMD card - call me weird but i don't mind it but more importantly am not sure if the lack of it is another game bug or not... any setting changes I make to Postfx seem to do very little plus i have unpacked and checked that it isn't disabled that way so am unsure as to why it isn't present or is it something you have added?
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    killf4ce said:

    Hmm, is the DOF in those pics something Nvidia only? I have nothing like that in my game on an AMD card - call me weird but i don't mind it but more importantly am not sure if the lack of it is another game bug or not... any setting changes I make to Postfx seem to do very little plus i have unpacked and checked that it isn't disabled that way so am unsure as to why it isn't present or is it something you have added?

    The game has a subtle depth of field effect on the distant terrain to make them look a bit hazy or "blurred" which looks OK most of the time but during certain lighting conditions such as those used for afternoon and night time it's low resolution makes it look very pixelated or "jaggy" which is also very easy to notice if you use the mini helicopter to travel.

    I prefer to disable it and just keep the cutscene depth of field which looks better. :)

    The effect itself according to the presets xml file should be enabled on all post-process presets as of 1.03 (It was off in the 1.0 version on low settings.) so it should always be visible.

    Different "maps" also use different looking effects so for example Kyrat has one appearance and the Himalayas (Later on, also used for two bonus missions.) look a bit different and then there's a third version for Shangri-La which is a area you can reach around the midpoint in the game.
    (Himalaya was a disappointment and until the season pass Yeti DLC campaign is released I don't think there's a easy way to revisit these areas after you've finish the missions taking place there but I really like how Shangri-La looks and the gameplay there though it seems to have the same restriction so it might be impossible o revisit after finishing the associated mission.)
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    Hi Jonas - Thanks for the info, i guess my lumasharpen settings are negating the subtle effect then.

    It does look as though the OP images have a more than subtle effect but yes i have checked that they are all enabled as they should be so, maybe i shall try your method out :)

    Thanks as i now know my game isn't broken - I'll have a fiddle with my LS settings a bit more too.
  • i feel bad for buying this game ( 35$ for limited edition ) since everyone is throwing it for free all over the place , even a 60$ ssd from samsung comes with a free code for the game
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    And now with the buggy release of AC: Unity leading Ubisoft to discontinue further sales the season pass and offer buyers a free game which includes Far Cry 4 amongst a few other games the number of offers will probably increase even more.
    (Though the content for AC: Unity's season pass will still be provided with Dead Kings being released for free and the other stuff still being delivered to season pass owners like that Chronicle game from the UbiArt team.)

    Well I guess several people will also start selling the key or however that will work unless it's account specific.
    (Not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it myself, I own all those games minus the dancing one which I'm not interested in and The Crew which seems to be a online focused - with cash shop apparently - racing game which I'm also not very interested in.)

    Finished the story missions a few days ago, enjoyed the game but I'll probably not do a full replay anytime soon if ever, also I was hoping to see a bit more varied terrain as it's basically the south and then the western part of the north territory with a bit more pines and such but otherwise the same and finally the eastern northern map which at last looks a bit different with a more of a autumn theme or what to call it.

    For snowy areas you'll have to do the few missions taking place in Himalaya (Each mission taking place in a new separate area.) and then there's Shangri-La which I really enjoyed. (Also separate areas for each mission.)

    Not much else, some new missions will be delivered as DLC and there's the Yeti missions as part of the season pass further exploring Himalaya.
    (There's actually a vintage porno loot item with the description "Himalaid 3: Ready and waiting for the Yeti though Far Cry 3 also had it's fair share of odd junk items with humorous descriptions.)

    EDIT: Oh right the leaked early release of update 1.4.0 included the third quality preset for fur which provides full simulation on all animals instead of just the larger ones (Tiger, Yak and Bear I think and some others.) but this is not included in the final 1.4.0 update so it'll probably be part of a future patch. (Think it's the same with the new 1.3 update for Unity not including tessellated surfaces, will also be released later.)

    So there should be four settings in total then going from Off (Probably has animals looking like they did in FC3) On (Basic fuss shader, not very demanding.) Enhanced (I think that's what it's called, some animals get fully simulated fur, with a Nvidia GPU it can be set from the options menu and with AMD you can force it by adjusting the config file.) and finally Full or whatever the last preset will be called which should have the full quality fur on the majority of the wild animals in the game.
    (Minus perhaps the elephant and the rhino whom don't really have much fur to begin with and I think birds are excluded as well both the two larger ones and the various smaller ambience ones.)

    (And the fish of course, that would actually have been fun to see.)
  • Patch 1.06 (EDIT: 1.6.0) came out earlier today, people report that it can be a bit unstable (Can crash if you die.) but it fixes the shadow glitches some people experienced with the previous update and you can now toggle the HUD via F11, as with the changelog for Assassins Creed Unity I think only the PC specific issues are listed in that txt file so any gameplay fixes are left unlisted but I could be wrong.


    Added hotkey for toggling the HUD on/off (F11)
    Fixed an issue when the game loaded incorrect save from Uplay Cloud
    Fixed an issue with performance drop for Crossfire Multi-GPU
    Fixed an issue with broken shadows in the northern region
    Fixed various Controls issues
    Fixed various Graphic issues
    Fixed various IGE issues
    Fixed various UI issues
    Fixed various Uplay/Steam issues
    Memory usage reduced
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    this table got it all ( but no time stop ) and it works with steam/uplay versions with 1.6 update


    Time of Day seems to be broken or i couldn't get it work , still only time stop would make this table perfect for the game
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