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[GUIDE] Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor



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    djh_ said:

    I've restored the FOV and improved the tilt function somewhat, though the latter is still more than a little volatile. The tilt is now synced to two separate rot values it modifies in opposing directions to give proper camera roll. The script to enable tilt also has the side-effect of locking the camera position so it can't be hijacked by the game during combat.

    I'll test it later today and put it up tonight if all goes well. Just remember that spamming the tilt hotkeys will crash the game in a matter of seconds.

    Figures you'd post at the same time as me.

    I've replaced the table link in this thread with the new one. It has FOV working.


    Here's how the old tilt worked, and why there's no easy way to do it.

    As with many games, Shadow of Mordor's camera uses a rotation matrix. There's no easy way to simply change rotation or tilt. Those have to be calculated based on the roll, yaw, and pitch values (3 values ranging from -1 to 1). The rotation matrix is always in the camera structure near coordinates.

    What I did was simply add the camera pitch to the CE table and disable the opcode writing to it. Since there is no simple y or x rotation, moving the mouse up and down still changed other values in the rotation matrix. That resulted in either rotating the camera up and down or tilting it. If it rotated, I had hotkeys set to force-change the pitch (for tilt). If it tilted, I used the mouse to rotate. Combining that with the z coordinate, you could get a tilted shot. The problem is, you have 1 less opcode trying to prevent these values from exceeding the -1 to 1 range. And if that happens (and it can easily happen), the game will crash.

    You can simply kill all of the opcodes writing to the rotation matrix which will also lock the camera in place... but then the game is even MORE subject to crashing. The best to get around the auto-centering camera in combat is just to use the speedhack.

    If you're a master coder like Hatti, you can write a script (probably in LUA or C++) that calculates proper tilt. You could also create a proper free camera. But doing that in assembly is really, really, really difficult. And I know even less about LUA and C++.

    Are you guys still using cam coordinates for the camera? Feel free to try and improve the camera if you can. I remember it was a nightmare trying to get it stable. The challenge isn't getting camera coordinates, but rather doing it in a way that didn't lock enemies in place. I believe there is a completely stable backup camera (that does lock enemies in place) if the first one fails. I think my comparisons were based off 4-byte hex values, which may or may not change after a patch. It's been a while since I've played it.
  • Just tried it and what Jim's saying is right. What works on one occasion doesn't work another time based on simple adjustments. The best bet right now would be to petition Monolith to allow access to the options screen during photo mode, assuming that's even possible.
  • For a few shots, I tried to find a compromise between frame rate and image quality. At around 6K, I could still operate photo mode and the IQ was still pretty good. To fix the physics, you'd pause with the CE timestop. Enter\exit menu (changing res if necessary), then enable photo mode.

    It's just too bad that resetting the physics will make you lose whatever animation you had on your cloak. Your cape goes from looking awesome and dynamic (with clipping everywhere) to dull and lifeless.
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    Thanks guys, I'll be trying out the new table this weekend.

    Edit: Table works great!
  • Jim, are you saying that you can pause with CE and go in and out of Photo Mode? 'Cause photo mode doesn't operate on mine if the game's paused in CE.
  • It worked a few patches ago. I took a few shots like that. I'd pause with CE, change resolution, then switch to photo mode for the camera controls. The downside is that since I still had to set up the camera in photo mode, I couldn't go as high on the resolution.
  • Same as Jim in my recently updated game. After pausing via CE I can still switch aspect ratio and resolution, as well as turn on DOF and AO, as well as fly around using either the CE table or photo mode. As soon as you hit photo mode nothing else goes.
  • Ahhhh, it's the thumbstick toggle that doesn't work. If you use 'p' on the keyboard then it does.
  • Thumbstick works fine for me as well.
  • Yeah, well...
  • This is probably already a given but if your having a hard time using the camera mode controls at low framerates, use Jim's method for the action camera positioning using CE slow time. I was having a hell of a time getting the FOV to zoom in to where I wanted it but using CE slow time provided very fine control even at 5 FPS.
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    Hi guys, could you please reupload the table?

  • Thank you one3rd, table works great!
  • Hi,

    So the table is awesome! I'm using it to capture some cinematic shots for a video but I have issue with the game taking over the camera which really sucks does anyone know how to get rid of this? Finishers, Executions, special moves all have an attached cinematic angle with applied DoF, and it makes filming hard.
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