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[GUIDE] Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor



  • By then I will have stopped playing the game completely.
  • good news for me
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    1gb update for photo mode ?!

    edit : it's a Photo mode just like the one in infamousSS , no free camera and you can Tilt

  • I can probably fix the camera in the photo mode, but I've played that game to death. We'll see. For now, it will probably do the trick for most people.
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    They also fixed some bugs (But didn't say what.) and the in-game options for gameplay settings now lets you toggle off a few more things like enemy glow/outlines, having the objective always visible and some other thing, unfortunately you can't hide the mini-map and player health status outside of using the photo mode.

    EDIT: As for the file size most of the data is in a new file (Patch_1.arch05) so it's not because Steam had to update existing files by re-downloading full replacements or some such.
    (I believe the Steam download system now works with compressed data and can work similar to a diff patch or what they are called although some patches will still be quite big depending on the game or game engine, Unity and UE3 come to mind.)
  • Does the photo mode let you change FOV?
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    Does the photo mode let you change FOV? I'm still seeing a lot of screens with stretching over on GAF.
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    Does the photo mode let you change FOV? I'm still seeing a lot of screens with stretching over on GAF.

    well it's called Zoom which means yes but it's limited

    there's also distance , combine both and you'll get a very close/far shot , free cam isn't so free just like the photo mode in TLOUR+InfamousSS

    i wouldn't say it's better than what cheat engine can do , once you press the Photo key ( L in the game pad ) you can't go to the menu and change the res or graphics settings which is why CE is better
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    If anything, if you could use Photo Mode as a no HUD method and keep the CE table for the rest, or even improve it... that'd be swell. I like the added challenge of having to come up with something better than what photo mode allows.
    Not being able to access the menus would void it's use for me though. Maybe Jim can isolate the HUD toggle?
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    Oy. That's a deal breaker. Screw photo mode :P

    I may be able to use the photo mode to figure out how to force on DOF though. I'll be looking into that for sure. HUD toggle as well.
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    Does the photomode let you change resolution for take IQ ss or not?
  • Once in photo mode, you're stuck in photo mode until you leave. You can't go into the options.

    It's also not a full free camera. You're limited to a certain distance from your character. FOV is also limited, but what they give you is way more than enough (20 - 85).

    It gives you a bunch of instagram filters, but most are pretty ugly.

    I'm going to try and rip a few options from this but I think sticking with cheat engine is the best way to go.
  • I refined the table a bit. Simplified the scripts.

    FOV is now part of the main camera script. The movement lock fix should be a lot more reliable. I still include the old camera script just in case, for whatever reason, F1 doesn't work.

    The time freeze stuff was all rolled into a single script as well.

    Tilt is in this table but it's very experimental. ONLY USE IT while the game is frozen and STILL be prepared to crash. It's reliable for me but I'm very gentle with it. I'm only leaving it in the table because it's a hassle to delete it and then add it back in for myself :P

    When you enable this script, the up and down arrows will either tilt the screen or look up and down. Use that combined with the mouse to get the tilt you want. Just don't go crazy.
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    Thanks! Will it work after updating to that new Photo mode patched version?
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