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so the game just unlocked for me

SRWE works to resize the window . custom res works when you disable native upscale

in Game.txt i found this

Unreleased tweakable variable: Reload Tweaks
Unreleased tweakable variable: God mode - players
Unreleased tweakable variable: God mode - AI
Unreleased tweakable variable: One-hit-kill - AI
Unreleased tweakable variable: One-hit-kill - game entity
Unreleased tweakable variable: Fly mode
Unreleased tweakable variable: AI
Unreleased tweakable variable: Controller
Unreleased tweakable variable: Debug
Unreleased tweakable variable: Multiplayer
Unreleased tweakable variable: Animation
Unreleased tweakable variable: Audio
Unreleased tweakable variable: Singleplayer
Unreleased tweakable variable: CameraSystem
Unreleased tweakable variable: Avatar
Unreleased tweakable variable: Player
Unreleased tweakable variable: InventoryModule
Unreleased tweakable variable: Agent

also here's a screenshot with HUD



  • Visually, game looks fucking amazing.
  • so tilde key ( ~ ) brings the console

  • Not another one. Stahp.
    I can't stop staring at the distant background: that delicious mesh of fog and palpable atmospheric distortion. So good. The game will probably be boring as hell, but if it has a good variety of assets, I'm all in.
  • Temporal AA is so damn good you barely see aliasing @ 1440p

    now the bad news is no Mulit gpu support and weird shadow reflections happens when you raise the res higher than 4k

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    This works better in images so.

    Settings for graphics:

    Advanced settings:

    Console commands: (A "TAB", B "TAB" and so on until all are listed, I hope that's understandable.)

    And then you can use ? to show allowed values, this also shows other (restricted) commands.

    So not much there eh? advanced tweaking will have to go via system and autoexec .cfg but those can also be restricted, I copied over the CryEngine SDK commands I'm using and will have to check the log files to see which cvar's are still valid and which are no longer available.

    EDIT: Pak files are encrypted, advanced editing of scripts, config files and so on is impossible currently.
    (No modding.)

    EDIT: From the log files these cvars that I was previously using are no longer available.

    [Warning] Unknown command: con_restricted
    [Warning] Unknown command: sys_spec
    [Warning] Unknown command: q_shaderwater
    [Warning] Unknown command: ai_ignoreplayer
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_godmode
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_infiniteAmmo
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_infiniteCloak
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_infiniteSprintStamina
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_inventorynolimits
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_timelimit
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_dlcpurchaseoverwrite
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_presaleunlock
    [Warning] Unknown command: g_skipintro
    [Warning] Unknown command: hud_psychopsycho
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_lods
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_shadowsmaxtexres
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_shadowsonwater
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_shadowsresscale
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_shadowstessellatedlights
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_terraindeformations
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_terraindetailmaterialsviewdistxy
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_terraindetailmaterialsviewdistz
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_timeofday
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_waterwaves
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_lodratio
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_mergedmeshesinstancedist
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_mergedmeshesviewdistratio
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_particlesmotionblur
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_particlesshadows
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_tessellationmaxdistance
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_terrainlodratio
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_viewdistratiolights
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_screenshotfileformat
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_screenshotquality
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_deformableobjects
    [Warning] Unknown command: e_ondemandphysics
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_width
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_height
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_customreswidth
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_customresheight
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_fullscreen
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_antialiasingmode
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_supersampling
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_displayinfo
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_drawnearfov
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_cloudsupdatealways
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_depthoffieldbokehquality
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_dyntexmaxsize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_dyntexatlasspritesmaxsize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_dyntexatlasdyntexsrcsize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_dyntexatlascloudsmaxsize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_texturesstreampoolsize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_texatlassize
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_vegetationspritestexres
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_watercaustics
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_hdrgrainamount
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_sharpening
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_ssreflections
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_MotionBlurShutterSpeed
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_TexMaxAnisotropy
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_TexMinAnisotropy
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_Flares
    [Warning] Unknown command: r_chromaticaberration
  • tried to edit FOV with console commands but it didn't work
  • cl_fov shows as a available command but it might have limits (It should be vertical as well.), r_drawnearfov no longer exists (No first person mode so why would it.) and the fov for sprinting is also gone.
  • not working at all with me

    the game got some steam-cloud save problems so copy your save and turn-off steam cloud
  • So no way to kill the HUD?
  • well someone who knows how to open those .PAK files might help

    tried couple of programs but no luck
  • edited October 2014
    kx11 said:

    well someone who knows how to open those .PAK files might help

    tried couple of programs but no luck

    Yes they are encrypted, it's similar to Crysis 2 (And Crysis 3) so someone will have to write a unpacker (The Xentax forums perhaps?) and if that happens then a repacker will be required as well as I doubt the game will read unpacked data.

    But yes no way to hide the hud currently, hud_hide is also listed as a unknown command so they've changed it to something else again.

    EDIT: A few of the sys_spec cvars have presets up to 4 instead of 3, to use the Crysis 1 naming this would be a quality setting of "Very High" instead of "High" however the visual difference can be very hard to spot.

    Easiest is to toggle sys_spec_shading 3 and sys_spec_shading 4 and you should see a small increase in AO quality.
    (SSDO or what CryEngine uses.)
  • Has anyone tried using that Crysis 3 .pak decrypter with Ryse? I realize there's no re-pack option, but I'm curious to know if you can just open game archives. Having the assets would allow for some shenanigans in the CryEngine SDK.
  • I can already see the elephants wandering betwixt burnt out Ceph Pingers in that monstrosity you've created.
  • tried forcing HBAO+

    result : performance hit , weird ass shadows all over the walls when the level starts , like you see it forming and shaping itself on wall cracks ... etc
  • I think the game uses SSDO (Like Crysis 3, though probably updated.) although I have no idea how it compares to HBAO+ but you would probably need to disable it somehow or both would be used at once no?
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