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[GUIDE] Alien: Isolation

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Freeze Actors
` (the key above Tab) to toggle:

This will freeze all characters in the game, including the Xenomorph. Physicalised objects such as the tail and limbs on some of the Nostromo crew might occasionally spaz out, but it's very rare. It's not entirely stable and reckless use might cause a crash, though I've been using it largely without issue. It does freeze you, however, so you'll need to use the freecam to move about.

Screenshot Mode
Activate the script first (click the box)

Numpad * to enable, Numpad / to disable:

The tilt function of the freecam has the side-effect of hiding the game's particle effects when the freecam is enabled. Line up your shot, switch to your higher resolution, exit the menu and then use this key to freeze the game, restore the particles, and hide the HUD. You'll see what I mean. If you get depth of field issues then ensure the Post Processing override is active. You can set up any Post Processing after lining up and freezing your game. This goes for depth of field, bloom, saturation, lens dirt, barrel distortion, vignette and the like.

Free Camera
F4 to toggle (use F2 to toggle non-tilt freecam in emergencies - see above):

Numpad 8/2 - Forward/back
Numpad 4/6 - Left/right
Numpad 9/7 - Up/down
Numpad 3/1 - Tilt

These are xyz coordinates which may not reflect your directions in game. Experiment.

F1 to toggle:

Numpad +/- - Adjust FOV

Depth Of Field
Numpad 0 to toggle:

U/J - DoF strength/blur radius
I/K - DoF focal length
O/L - DoF focal range

These are almost certainly not what these parameters actually do. No two DoF systems are quite the same and it's pure guesswork on my part, and there might well be additional values. DoF is quite unwieldy and looks worse at high resolutions due to how it scales. This is fairly common for DoF.

The toggle will disable all the game instructions I've found which alter the DoF values, including those of the motion detector and the main menu/options screen. Let me know if you discover others. Those systems will still work, though.

Post Processing
Numpad . to toggle:

Lets you adjust:

Color tinting
Lens Dirt
Barrel Distortion

Set the last of these to 0 to greatly improve the game's image quality by removing the stylistic distortion of its pixels. This should allow for much more precise antialiasing.

Remove HUD (thanks, K-putt)
F3 to toggle:

Q - brings up the radial menu which in turn disables the HUD. Doesn't work in all situations, unfortunately. This function is rendered largely obsolete by the Screenshot Mode.


This table is AOB-enabled and should work on all versions of the game. The only caveat is that the Post Processing code changed substantially after a recent build, so use the deprecated script (included) if using an older one.


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    Nice, as a small note if the HUD toggle is the same then it can mess up the display of the hack tool device and those older terminals you use and the re-route system screen, it's enough to toggle the script off again via it's hotkey (Which was numpad 0 in the original script.) and press Q (So the HUD updates and thus re-appears.) and then interact with the device again but some of the doors have key locks and those do not get fixed by this method.

    And the update was a 0kb adjustment, they marked some file (which one though?) in the DATA folder for deletion. :)

    EDIT: The update deleted the "developer" folder, it was empty anyhow and as such contained nothing.
    (But this also confirms that the debug key bindings and launch parameters were most likely locked down in this release build or what to call it.)
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    Nice work. Thanks for this :)

    Was going through the table to see how hard it would be to aobscan everything....

    Free cam - 1 opcode
    FOV - 1 opcode
    DOF - 2 opcodes

    Not bad at all. Though one of the original lines of code in the DOF script makes a direct call to a static address. That address would change after a patch, I wonder if I can aobscan to find that address, and then call the aobscanned address in the code instead. Hmmmmm.
  • I'm hopefully going to score some debug code because I doubt I'll find timestop, and nothing less will do when old Penishead McGiger makes an appearance.
  • Maybe Hattiwatti can dig up timescale for us. I really don't know how to do it unless there's some kind of slow motion happening in-game.
  • He has some post proc values I'd like to add to the table. If you're reading this, Hattiwatti...

    Timestop would be very hard because literally nothing affects the timescale in-game. Amateurs like us would probably have to use the sledgehammer approach of pausing the game and trying to fuck up the simulation that way, but you'd have to go through so many crashes and red herrings.
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    Great stuff here. Now let's hope it works.

    E/: And it works beautifully. The DOF takes a bit of getting used to, but man, this is so much easier than using fx tweaks.
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    I have no idea how focal range and focal length work together. Is there a way to get DOF to only blur beyond a certain point? Or does it always blur close to the camera?

    EDIT: LOL. You can collide into stuff with the camera. I just knocked over a cone.
  • I found something that changes the timescale, but it's a bit odd how it works. I was able to set it veeeeeeeeery slow, but stopping worked for like 5 secs and then it crashed.
  • edited October 2014
    Timescale's like that. Unless you're slowing the entire simulation you're going to throw something out of sync and then *boom*.

    (Got an address for that? I must try.)
  • A lot of fun to work with DOF. Now we only need post-processing control over lighting intensity and off we go. Oh, yeah, timestop.

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    I really need timestop. I just have to screenshot dem alien.

    I found something that changes the timescale, but it's a bit odd how it works. I was able to set it veeeeeeeeery slow, but stopping worked for like 5 secs and then it crashed.

    Like Duncan already said, that's quite normal. Something is always spazzing out of you completely freeze the time. Set it to 0.00001 and it's as good as frozen.
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    Midhras, get that Rodney Dangerfield's abortion of a Cartwright model out of this forum.

    BTW, did the first act of this game have to feel quite so much like Dead Space? It's really off-putting. (And yes, I'm aware of how backwards that sounds.)
  • 'Hey, I don't get no respect!'
    Well shit. Now I can't unsee it.
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    If you want the camera to move according to the direction, there's a rotation matrix at 01D53FC0.
    Right, top and forward vectors, simply add the values of the direction vector you want to move by, so for example if you wanted to move up by 3 units, you would first multiply every value of the top vector by 3 and then add them to the position vector.

    Time stuff at 01C3D080. Probably making my own .dll and a small program for it like I did for BF4. For post processing, try changing the values before DoF, everything there. http://4st.me/GV90K.png There are also pointers to the effect classes after the DoF values. Each pointer has that changing integer after it. Also booleans to toggle the effects after the pointers.
  • See, this is what I mean. None of us know assembly like you do. I've used floating point operations once, and it was pretty basic stuff.
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