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[GUIDE] Transformers: War for Cybertron

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This table was created for the Steam version of Transformers: War for Cybertron. It includes a pause free camera to supplement the UE3 debug camera.

Cheat Engine Table
Download Table

[Camera Control] (Page Down)

Enable the camera script at any time by pressing [Page Down]. The free camera will only work when the game is paused with the Pause Main Menu.

Numpad 2/8 = Y coordinate
Numpad 4/6 = X coordinate
Numpad 3/9 = Z coordinate

Arrow keys = Rotate camera

Hold CTRL for larger movements
Hold ALT for smaller movements

Numpad +/- to adjust FOV (requires you to force it with the UE3 FOV keybind command while in game first, do this before going into the Pause Menu for it to work. See keybind section below.)

[ - , = ] keys to tilt the camera (ALT =) to level out.

Coalesced.ini File

This was an amalgamation of a Coalesced.ini file modified for better texture streaming (source1, source2) with the re-enabling of debug camera and other useful binds. Backup the Coalesced.ini file you have in ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Transformers War for Cybertron\TransGame\Config\PC\Cooked and replace it with this one.

You can also edit the ini file yourself if you want with the decrypter/encrypter (and here). Just make sure to backup your original ini file before making changes.

Key Binds Used
Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="FOV 0")
Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="FOV 25",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="FOV 30")
Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="FOV 35",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="FOV 40")
Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="FOV 45",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="FOV 50")
Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="FOV 55",Alt=True)
Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="FOV 60")
Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="FOV 65",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 70")
Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="FOV 75",Alt=true)
Bindings=(Name="NumpadTwo",Command="Slomo 0.1")
Bindings=(Name="NumpadThree",Command="Slomo 0.3")
Bindings=(Name="NumpadZero",Command="Slomo 1")
Bindings=(Name="Left", Command="DebugCamStrafe -400 | OnRelease DebugCamStop")
Bindings=(Name="Right", Command="DebugCamStrafe 400 | OnRelease DebugCamStop")
Bindings=(Name="Left", Command="DebugCamTurn -20000 | OnRelease DebugCamStop",Alt=True)
Bindings=(Name="Right", Command="DebugCamTurn 20000 | OnRelease DebugCamStop",Alt=True)
Bindings=(Name="Up", Command="DebugCamMoveForward 400 | OnRelease DebugCamStop")
Bindings=(Name="Down", Command="DebugCamMoveForward -400 | OnRelease DebugCamStop")
Bindings=(Name="Up", Command="DebugCamPitch 20000 | OnRelease DebugCamStop",Alt=True)
Bindings=(Name="Down", Command="DebugCamPitch -20000 | OnRelease DebugCamStop",Alt=True)

F1 -- Toggles HUD
FOV Control
F2 -- FOV 0 (resets to default FOV)
F3 -- FOV 30 (+ALT for 35)
F7 -- FOV 70 (+ALT for 75)

Time Control
Subtract-- PlayersOnly (freezes everything but your avatar)
NumpadTwo -- Slomo 0.1
NumpadThree --Slomo 0.3
NumpadZero -- Slomo 1
Alt + T or Backspace -- Debug_TimeStepRun (stops all motion including your avatar and allows you to increment time by pressing Alt + T again)
Alt + R or Insert or Alt + Backspace -- Debug_TimeStepDisable (disables time step)

Debug Camera Control
ALT + X -- ToggleDebugCamera
Left Arrow -- Strafe Left (+ SHIFT for fine control)
Right Arrow -- Strafe Right (+ SHIFT for fine control)
ALT + Left -- Turn Left (+ SHIFT for fine control)
ALT + Right-- Turn Right (+ SHIFT for fine control)
Up Arrow -- Move Forward (+ SHIFT for fine control)
Down Arrow -- Move Backwards (+ SHIFT for fine control)
Alt + Up -- Pitch Up (+ SHIFT for fine control)
Alt + Down -- Pitch Down (+ SHIFT for fine control)

Note: If the camera is too slow and you need to move it a large distance, you can increase the movement speed quite a bit by slowing down time with slomo. Slomo 0.1 makes the camera move very quickly, just remember to set slomo back to 1 before trying to turn the camera.

Not sure how these are useful below but I left them in just in case the camera gets screwed up. If it does, set the camera to "default" and it should be back to normal.
Alt + Delete -- Set Debug Camera to Default
Alt + End -- Debug_CameraFirstPerson
Alt + PageDown -- Debug_CameraThirdPerson
Alt + PageUp -- Debug_CameraFixed
Alt + Home -- Debug_CameraFixedTracking
Alt + Insert -- Debug_CameraFree

Rendering Resolution and NoHUD

Use GeDoSaTo for higher rendering resolutions and HUD toggle.

Create a new profile for TWFC and add the following:

# This is a profile file for TWFC

# Modify the mouse position reported by "GetCursorPos" when downsampling
modifyGetCursorPos true

# Modify the mouse position set by "SetCursorPos" when downsampling
modifySetCursorPos true

#HUD Toggle for Pause Menu
injectPSHash e8185537

#forcing downsample resolution to actual NVidia custom resolution for ReShade effects to be applied to full image and not downsampled image. Running game at same resolution.
presentWidth 5120
presentHeight 2880

Radial Motion Blur

The radial blur implementation is not that great but it can be used to help portrait motion. You can enable it ad-hoc but using TimeStepRun (with or without playersonly), then moving the debug camera a little bit to enable the blur. Using TimeStepRun again will disable the blur but retain timestop. The blur is a radial blur and the un-blurred focus point is actually fairly small and in the center of the screen. Limited use but might be good for specific action shots.


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    Good guide as usual.

    MOD EDIT: I removed the last few posts in this thread because it seemed a bit off to start a guide thread with, 'This game's not my cup of tea but here's some stuff about STALKER.' I appreciate it wasn't an intentional derail but let's at least start the thing OT.
  • Thanks for the guide

  • No problem, glad it worked for you!

    I've also updated the ini file to include finer control on the debug camera. The lack of granularity was pissing me off to no end. I've added the use of the SHIFT key to reduce each of the commands to 1/4 their original value. It's a lot better but I've noticed the pitch is still too fast and may tweak the speed again.
  • edited September 2014
    Please is possible add FOV 70 ? I would do it myself but I found nothing to modify the ini. file. Bulletstorm and Spec ops editors not working with this game and link from wiki is dead. This game looks better than I can remember.
  • You're right to stick with War For Cybertron. Fall Of Cybertron uses a few bells and whistles like ambient occlusion but doesn't seem nearly as cohesive from an environment perspective.

    That's a great shot, btw.
  • edited September 2014
    Marcelus said:

    Please is possible add FOV 70 ? I would do it myself but I found nothing to modify the ini. file. Bulletstorm and Spec ops editors not working with this game and link from wiki is dead. This game looks better than I can remember.

    Sure, I've replaced the ini file link in the OP. I changed some of the FOV mappings and included increments of 5 with the ALT key from F2 to F7, F2 reseting FOV to default and F7 being FOV=70. I also decreases the "fine control" settings by 3/4 to make it easier to straighten your shots. I found this difficult at lower FOV's. Use SHIFT with the arrow keys when in debugcamera mode for fine control.

    I thought that decrypter link on the wiki was the same one I used...looked to be the the same dropbox link. Anyway, I've provided a new link for that as well if you want to edit anything else. I've been trying to reduce the dark black selfshadowing but can't seem to find the right values to make it not so ink dark on the character models.

    I agree, that is a great shot!
  • I found out by mistake that using slomo increases the debug camera move speed by a large amount. Can be useful if you need to move it from A to B quickly. Notes in the OP.
  • edited September 2014
    Yes environments are well designed

    Thank you again.
  • No problem at all. If your interested, I've put together an ini file for TFoC as well to test the texture streaming with the new changes.
  • Can someone jog my memory: when I run this at high resolutions through GeDoSaTo, I'm getting low grade textures. Anything to prevent that?
  • Um, the previous post?

    Anyway, I'm tempted to hack the camera in this as the game's own debug controls are awful.
  • That links to a thread where one3rd share's an ini file that still has the texture streaming issues above a certain threshold. I was wondering if anyone ever managed to get TFoC working correctly with regards to texture streaming (and maybe setres even).
  • Yeah, I haven't looked at this since getting it working at 19MP. The ini file in the OP should be the last one I used. Could be worth another look.

    Pretty sure that setres wasn't working though.
  • Update: Added new pause menu camera and GeDoSaTo HUD toggle to guide.
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