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[GUIDE] Darksiders 2



  • edited October 2016
    (edit) little bug in FoV handling, fixing...
    (edit) No bug, had two CE's running, fighting eachother. CT should work fine.

    Done! Works great, including alt/ctrl speed up/ slowdown, vector normalization etc. Movement is smooth as a HattiWatti camera ;) :P
    I've put a lot of comments into the code so it should be easy to follow. If not, just ask :) Table is here: https://gist.github.com/FransBouma/0bd2e816bfa31d8be29c0906512b6262

    First press INS to enable the camera system, then HOME to enable/disable FoV control (with -/+ on numpad). Press Num0 to enable / disable camera, which moves with numpad 8/2 (forward/backward), 4/6 (strafe left/right) and 9/3 (up/down). Rotate camera with the controller right stick or mouse

    I've set a delay of 25ms per threadloop, if this value is set lower, it obviously is smoother but also moves faster, so the scale factor should then be tuned down a little.
  • Very cool! I will definitely be looking at this at some point soon. Is this for the new Deathinitive version of the game or the original? I recently downloaded the new one to pick up where I left off with the original.
  • It's for the original, though I think the new version will likely just need some address changes, as I can't imagine they rewrote the whole engine. There's a CT for the new version as well, it doesn't have timestop but it does have a freecamera, so you could use that to change the code a bit. I wouldn't be surprised the only things you need to change is the location of the code to overwrite :)
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