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[GUIDE] Darksiders 2

Cheat Engine Table

Download table

[Free Camera]

F2 to toggle on and off

Numpad 2/8 = Y coordinate
Numpad 4/6 = X coordinate
Numpad 3/9 = Z coordinate

(Hold ALT to move farther)

[FOV Control]

F3 to toggle on and off

Increase FOV = Numpad +
Decrease FOV = Numpad -


Numpad 0 to toggle on and off

HUD Toggle \ High Resolution screenshots

Grab the latest version of GeDoSaTo. Make sure you set a hotkey for HUD toggle and full resolution screenshot. For example:

takeFullScreenshot VK_F11

Be sure to thank our glorious admin for figuring out timestop. I couldn't even do that.



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    Custom aspect ratio works also in fullscreen with gedosato. Must be set proper aspect ratio after downsampling. This resolution is necessary to create in NV Control panel and after start game gedosato automatically set proper aspect ratio.

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    I find fake timestop. If is fov and free cam active and HUD is disabled during pause is possible move camera and change fov :D but without rotating camera :/
  • That's pretty cool Marcelus. I'll be sure to use that when I get into it again. I just wish there was a way to change the resolution while in-game without have to exit to the main screen,
  • Marcelus said:

    I find fake timestop. If is fov and free cam active and HUD is disabled during pause is possible move camera and change fov :D but without rotating camera :/

    I did that in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 last night. But in that game, I can rotate the camera with Cheat Engine. I wonder if I can do the same in Darksiders 2.
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    I wonder if I can do the same in Darksiders 2.

    Try you must!

    I will force myself to play the game at 12FPS for screenshots. =)

    Honestly though, what you've done recently is absolutely amazing. An entire smorgasbord of screenshooting gluttony when it was needed the most. I'm loving all the new variety in shots that we are now seeing due to this.
  • No dice. The game crashes when you disable that code, and I can't make get a clear understanding of what it's doing in order to try and fix it. *shrug*
  • For proper colors on shots from Darksiders 2 must be use Fraps for this Game. I use only toggle hud with gedosato and now i Try SGSSAA and MSAA with normal downsampling. Gedosato make much darker shots .
  • @jim2point0

    still there is no chance to add rotate the camera during a pause ? This game looks nice but best shots would be during fight.
  • Not that I can figure out.

    Some games do this weird thing where if you disable the code writing to the rotation, the game just gets all distorted when you manually change the values. Noticed this in Darksiders 2, Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 2....

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong, or maybe there's more than 1 value I need to find (this is probably the case). But it's not worth spending hours and hours on :(
  • Added timestop (with camera rotation) to Jim's table.


    I'll update the OP once someone's confirmed it's working.
  • I'll check it out.

    How'd you manage to work that out?
  • Farting about. Can't remember exactly. Figured the rotation lock was being caused by the original timestop (which I never tried) triggering some higher-level state change like the main or radial menu, so went looking for the different ways the simulation was being paused. Found the weather/particle system first, then the desired 'timestop' value.
  • Just gave it a quick whirl and it would seem it is indeed working, timestop with camera rotation that is.. cheers!
  • Interesting. Seems to work perfectly. Yet I can't really see what the code is doing and would have no clue how to find something like that. A lot of games pause in the same way when you bring up the menu. Fable 3, for example. Background elements will still animate while most things are frozen.
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    I updated the OP. Also, I added cheats. In case anyone needs that sort of thing. For god mode, just freeze health.

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