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Lords of the Fallen



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    Yeah Keyboard rotation is only a LITTLE bit viable.

    I did find a "playersonly" game speed. Freezes enemies and other objects in the world. You can stop enemies dead in their tracks and then kill them. When you set their gamespeed back to 1, they suddenly fall over and die :)

    The CE forums should love that little cheat.
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    Marcelus said:

    For me help change in NV control panel PhysX from GPU to CPU. No more crash

    Worked. Brilliant! Thanks, man :)
    If you change PhysX to CPU you'll reduce all Physx effects in the game. I've already done some test about it, no more crash but no more nice effects.
    differences are not big but now is better play without GPU PhysX. Maybe patch will fix crashes. Now I want only one thing. Remove CA !!!!!!!! :)

    game crash with CA from SweetFX. I try turn OFF post process in game with CA from SweetFX but do not works :/ Other effects via SweetFX works without problem

  • just finished it , pretty easy and short compared to dark souls but it an awesome game and by far the best i have seen

    setting Physx to CPU crashed the game way more than setting it to GPU2

    now let's wait for the patch to remove CA and add AA options
  • What makes you think they're going to add AA options?
  • What makes you think they're going to add AA options?

    steam community is asking for it !!

  • Just because they ask for it doesn't mean they add it. It's fairly difficult to add AA afterwards. I guess the only thing they could implement is a resolution scaling option. Or they go for supersampling.

    Or maybe.. just maybe.. they add some post-aa like temp-smaa.
  • well the game needs it @ 1440p , high res can kill aliasing for sure
  • Update 1.2 is out, no mention of a setting for chromatic aberration yet.


    Patch 1.2 Notes
    A new patch for Lords of the Fallen was just released. It fixes the APEX DLL issue that users have encountered lately. The patch improves the game stability.

    Patch notes:
    - Improved game stability
    - Advanced display settings are now saved after restart
    - Fixed Catacombs door spawn point
    - Fixed Catacombs pit issue

    We are still working on another patch that would improve other game stability & gameplay issues.
  • Sigh. Off I go to the Steam community discussions to make a big stink about this.
  • Sue them for eye cancer, or aesthetic trauma or something.
  • Isn't there an option to just totally disable post processing? Anything to at least hide the effect and isolate it that way?
  • You can disable post processing, yeah. But that kills far too many effects to be worthwhile.

    Or do you mean try and isolate it with cheat engine? I haven't bothered trying yet due to how often cheat engine crashes for me when working with this game :(

    I could give it a shot tonight though.
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    If Duncan uploads the CA toggle he just did, I'll go ahead and create a guide thread with my table.

    Be forewarned, it's a pain in the ass. The camera always centers on your character, so when you start moving around with the free camera, it will fight you. Think.... Shadow of Mordor while in combat. Fun! The only way to counter it is to use the cheat engine speed hack. I have a hotkey to 10% speed, which make the auto-centering kinda moot. Once you line up your shot, you need to use the "lock camera" script to lock it in place. This allows you to hotsample.

    The other issue is that the lock camera script takes a few seconds to activate, which sucks if you're trying to lock in your camera angle while fighting the auto-center. To fix that, you can convert the array of bytes to actual static addresses for your particular version. This makes it activate instantly. I'll post a short guide on that when I post the table up.

    EDIT: Oh... he has uninstalled the game. Nevermind that :P
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    Not having any luck with Cheat Engine either. Not sure what to scan for. Bytes, 4 bytes, floats... could be anything, and there are multiple post processing filters being enabled\disabled at once. Doesn't sound like fun to me.

    EDIT: Yup. Not doing that anymore.
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