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[GUIDE] Hitman Absolution



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    Open game > Open Cheat Engine 6.3 > Click on the computer icon top left > select and open game process from list > click on folder icon top left > select and open table for Hitman Absolution.
    You can see what buttons to press for each of the commands by selecting them and pushing CTRL-H. This gives you access to hotkey control. You can even set up your own and save the changes to the table. Keep a backup.
    Maybe read up on Cheat Engine or watch a Youtube tutorial video or just experiment if you desire more intimate knowledge.
  • As a small note on the above post.


    For compatibility reasons the latest version of Cheat Engine is version 6.4 with hotfix #2 I think (From 2014-06-26 - http://www.cheatengine.org/index.php ) just saying as some of the later tables might use features that were added in 6.4 and thus might not work at all in older versions of this utility. :)
    (It's quite a handy program, just remember to check the forums or the main website every couple of months or so to see if it's been updated.)

    Oh and if you are a completely normal person unlike me and do use the installer instead of unpacking it and manually setting up files and all that then during installation pay special attention to any "add-on" things that it might try to install, with this I mean crap like browser extensions and other I think it's called "adware" stuff although some of it can be pretty harmless (Chrome, Google Toolbar.) but still often undesired. :)
    (I hate these things, not as bad as download sites using a small url in some obsure place and the big blinking download button leading to some malware crap but it's still annoying but it can be nearly entirely avoided if you just read through the install procedure calmly and slowly to untick any of these extras.)
  • I know about 6.4 and have it installed alongside 6.3 and 6.2. For some strange reason, and this might be just coincidence, working with 6.4 tends to result in more crashes. I pretty much stick with 6.3. Whenever that won't work, I can always use 6.4.
  • I should have thought about that possibility, there's probably a lot of people who like you are using multiple versions of it for a variety of reasons. :)

    I haven't actually had Cheat-Engine crash though but I have also not made anything to complex with it so that's likely why.
    (6.4 I think also introduces a couple of new settings and other changes so maybe one of those could help with compatibility, changing the debugger to VEH to name one thing I've heard mentioned often on the CE forums.)
  • I have a ton of issues with cheat engine 6.4. I don't know what the problem is, but if I use the debugger for more than 1 thing, it crashes. I use VEH debugger by default, as it's really the only reliable one to use.

    So I stick to CE 6.3 unless I need a feature specific to 6.4.
  • Hello, everyone.
    Is it possible to make this table available again?

    Thank you
  • I updated the links to Google Drive.

    It would take a long time to fix all the threads here so I'm just replacing links as people complain about them.
  • Thank you so much. Really appreciate your work.
  • edited March 2016
    It finally worked for me. :-) Thanks so much for it. A previous borderless gaming windowed mode prevented my camera view from moving around.
  • It´s possible to re-upload this table please???
  • edited December 2017
    My bad, nothing to see here
  • OtisInf said:
    This doesn't work with Hitman Absolution though does it? Although, I wouldn't put it past you to have rigged some sort of backwards compatibility into the camera tool!

    I had a look for Jim's original table but it doesn't look I have that.
  • edited December 2017
    Oh shit! You're right, my apologies! I misread the thread title. Will edit my post.

    (edit) I do have all jim's tables, I've uploaded it to a gist: https://gist.github.com/FransBouma/4a17c3e04c2069f2949ba725403a25f9
  • Thanks, I'll add that to the OP as well.
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