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[GUIDE] Tomb Raider



  • Nice script, working wonders
  • damn i wish camera tilt is possible
  • The drop box links are disabled due to traffic, any chance of getting this table uploaded somewhere else?
  • I added a new link to the OP. Maybe I'll (eventually) replace all these with Google Drive.
  • Thank you so much jim I really appreciate it :)
  • Hello. I don't know if it might be useful, but here is the way to run your game in custom aspect ratio (in this example 2.35:1)
    1. Open the Registry Editor (Windows key + R, than type "regedit")
    2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Dynamics\Tomb Raider\Graphics
    3. The key you wanna modify are AspectRatio, FullscreenHeight, FullscreenWidth. Here are the values i used for 2.35:1 ratio
    AspectRatio 5bcc(23500)
    FullscreenHeight 331(817)
    FullscreenWidth 780 (1920)
    4. Start the game in a Windowed mode
    5. Change the Window size with SRWE, to much the window height/width value (in this case 1920x817)
    6. Done!
  • Pretty sure you can do that with JUST SRWE and none of that other stuff. I recall taking a ton of screenshots in a lot of different aspect ratios without touching the registry.
  • Pretty sure you can do that with JUST SRWE and none of that other stuff. I recall taking a ton of screenshots in a lot of different aspect ratios without touching the registry.

    I've actually tried to use just SRWE , but in my case i've ended up with stretched images. And since the game hasn't any .ini files i found that the only way (at least for me) to tweak the aspect ratio is via the registry.
    Anyways, i can delete the post if it falls under "knowingly false material and/or inaccurate materials" category.
  • Never hurts for it to be there in case anyone else experiences the same problem, but Tomb Raider has always been a very hotsample friendly game (meaning it switches windowed resolutions and aspect ratios without a hitch).
  • edited March 2016

    A pretty large update has been released that enables DirectX 12 support for the game and also Nvidia's VXAO technique. :)

    Added support for DirectX 12
    DirectX 12 is a new advanced graphics API that on the right hardware can offer far better performance.
    For the best DX12 performance and stability please install the latest drivers for your GPU.
    For NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/99512/en-us
    For AMD: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD_Radeon_Software_Crimson_Edition_16.3.aspx

    Adds NVIDIA VXAO Ambient Occlusion technology. This is the world’s most advanced real-time AO solution, specifically developed for NVIDIA Maxwell hardware. (Steam Only)
    Added a new benchmark feature to allow easy comparison of performance on different systems, as well as at different graphics settings.
    Fixed some HBAO+ and other Ambient Occlusion issues.
    Fixed motion blur problems in Stereoscopic 3D mode.
    A variety of other smaller optimizations, bug-fixes, and tweaks.

    EDIT: Here comes the crap. :P

    For many users (I tested it too.) D3D12 runs worse than D3D11, in my case it's a difference between slide-show and playable. and I'm not the only one getting single-digit FPS with DX12 it seems, is that for AMD only or both AMD and Nvidia though?

    Also SLI does not work with DX12, yet.

    As for overlays and such I am pretty certain only EVGA Precision X supports D3D12 monitoring and that only works on certain Nvidia GPU's, ReShade injection doesn't support it yet and neither does Afterburner, Steam should though, shouldn't require beta opt-in either.
    (Origins overlay should support D3D12 too but this is a Steam game.)

    And finally VXAO only works under DX11 at the moment.
  • I think you meant to post this in the Rise of the Tomb Raider thread :P
  • edited March 2016
    Ah I made a mistake it seems, this is indeed the TR 2013 discussion thread, whoops. :D
  • A little late to the party, but I ported by camera tools to 32bit using this game, so there's now a fully working smooth moving camera, with tilt, which isn't restricted by the game engine, for this game: https://github.com/FransBouma/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/releases/tag/TombRaider2013_v101
    For timestop, open the menu by pressing ESC (or the button on the controller), and use the hud/menu toggle I created: https://mega.nz/#!RcBC0DZJ!4CSAYLKhRsXJNtqYVszphcOxULokhQPHyi_fRm5y_2Y (Caps for toggle).

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