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[GUIDE] Watch Dogs



  • OtisInf said:

    Here you go :) https://github.com/FransBouma/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/tree/master/Cameras/Watch_Dogs

    Works in cutscenes as well. I saw the hud toggle by the janitor leaves some textures still visible in the latest build of the game, but they're minor. Haven't tried in a car yet, but I doubt it fails then. Enjoy!

    Works perfectly. Thanks!

    Is there a chance that you will do the same for Watch_Dogs 2?

  • edited January 2017
    :) You have the steam version btw? Read your steam comment, great that it works in the steam version! :)

    I don't have Watch_Dogs 2 so that will be a little difficult ;) I also read watchdogs 2 has some sort of anticheat system which makes tampering with the in-memory exe problematic, not sure if one can disable that.

    (edit) If the game crashes in some situations due to the camera, this is fixed in v1.0.1. I had rerouted a couple of statements to grab the address in a register, but the codeblock received a jump in the middle of it, which code was gone due to the overwrite of my own jump (which eats up 14 bytes). Available at the same url, above.
  • I've updated the camera bits to v1.0.2, it now only allows FOV manipulation when the camera is enabled, which fixes the problem of not having zoom on in-game hackable cameras and on the sniper rifle. What's a sniper rifle without zoom, right? URL is the same, see above.
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