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Games that support Hotsampling! (SRWE\WBG)



  • the New Need for Speed can be hotsampled with SRWE just like Rivals\MW
  • I'm just going to put "All Frostbite games" in the list. That should cover it :)
  • good enough :D
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    Homefront window can be resized with SRWE+BWG after editing the game.ini and setting it to read-only
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    That is not hotsampling :P

    We should add Doom to the list though.
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    Oh, it is not? :P
    I thought hotsampling was both when the game re-render via SRWE/BWG and when you force it via ini and resize the window afterwards.

    Talking about it, the link addressing "the genesis of the term hotsampling" seems to be broken.
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    Hotsampling is dynamic window resizing to swap to a higher resolution in-game. It's a big deal because of the massive convenience that it affords. Especially when you can go from 3:4 to 21:9 to 2:1 in the same session\scene.

    Forcing resolution in the INI and shrinking the window to fit is generally considered a last resort. I'll never do that again. And we certainly wouldn't make a thread for it as it's a rather annoying method to say the least. Especially considering how performance hungry games are these days. I'd sooner setup massive custom resolutions on my QNIX and just swap resolutions like that in-game. That's what I did for The Witcher 3 in any case.

    I just checked and that link works for me. *shrug*
  • Thank you for clarifying Jim.
    And I agree about the annoyance of the ini method, but unfortunatly that is all I can do with The Witcher 3, at least until Ansel comes out.

    About the link, I conclude it must be something with my account, because that is what I got from clicking it: http://pasteboard.co/13bjHsQx.png
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    Seems like it's one of those older screenshot threads, maybe that's why. I can't view it either when I'm not signed in.

    So the link is now a screenshot of that snippet of conversation :)
  • Hi guys, I have a question. From what I can see, Assassin's Creed 3 is included in the list of supported games so I gave it a shot. WBG doesn't work at all with it and using SRWE my system froze and I had to reboot manually. Not sure what I did wrong, but apparently the fact this game cannot be set on windowed mode is quite an issue. Any suggestion?
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    "Obduction" works great wiith WBGi
  • Surprised so many people still use WBG when SRWE is so much easier with loading profiles from the quick menu. Never have to manually type in resolutions again :)
  • Was anyone able to get SRWE working with No Man's Sky? I noticed Duncan had it listed in his tools for hotsampling but it didn't work for me (tried 2.2 and 2.2.1). Unsure if there were some extra steps I needed to go through other than the usual "set to windowed, open srwe, select process" etc.
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    Not sure what Duncan was listing in his tools, but No Man's Sky doesn't hotsample. You gotta run the game at whatever resolution you're capturing for screenshots. The fact taht you're required to completely restart the game for a resolution change makes things.... difficult.
  • That's what I figured. Maybe he listed it by accident then. Thanks for the confirmation.
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