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Games that support Hotsampling! (SRWE\WBG)



  • damn it i was looking for it all over steam folder , thnx
  • pray for my safety , i'm going to try this on windows 8.1
  • Has anyone tested Bioshock Infinite with hotsampling?
  • Bioshock Infinite maintains the same rendering resolution when you resize the window. The way I got huge resolution shots of that game was just to set the res really high and use STRE to make it fit on my monitor. It was still running at the high res though, which could get pretty slow.
  • May someone help me with SRWE? I something do bad but i do not know what. I try it in Hitman Absolution. Fullscreen is OFF. Over "regedit" I set manually downsampling resolution (6300x2700). After start game alt+tab and start SRWE. Aspect ratio is OK but shots are in desktop resolution(1920x810) and not in downsampling resolution. Shots are captured with SweetFX. :(
  • You don't need to change anything in the registry. Just start the game in window mode and resize that window with SRWE. That's all.
  • Oh right, for completion's sake, a couple to add: Dark Souls 2 and WoT both work with WBG.
    WBG... why's it up there as BWG? Rolls off the tongue easier?
  • Good question. I never noticed it's actually called WindowedBorderlessGaming

    Ah well.. to late now. It'll be BWG forever.
  • For some reason, when I try to hotsample Rivals, I get a DirectX crash. Unfortuantely I can't try SRWE because it's a 64bit EXE.

    I may try 32bit. If that works, I'll be switching to 32bit for my table (ugh).
  • Where is that 64bit SRWE anyways? How much do we need to pay that guy?
  • Where is that 64bit SRWE anyways? How much do we need to pay that guy?

    Is there actually a x64 version?.. cause I have searched high and low
  • Well, he made me the current 32bit version for free. I'll ask him if he wants to invest time to whip up a 64bit version. SRWE never really got him much in the way of Nexian endorsements, though. Even if it's become kind of a go-to piece of software for people occupying our little niche. No harm in asking.
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    Dead Rising 3 can be hotsampled via WBG. Bob should update the OP.

    The game is so poorly optimized that my computer completely froze up when I attempted 7K though. Battlefield 4 hotsamples better than this garbage. It doesn't support SLI, so that's part of the problem.
  • Thanks for reminding me, Melissa. Does Deus Ex (DC) support it as well?
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    I suppose you could mention Need for Speed Rivals.... but I don't think anyone is going to care :)
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