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Noctuelles Screenshot Builds (courtesy of Orihaus)


Aeon: Download

I tried this and, as Orihaus had cautioned, it does chug a bit. However, it does render at whatever resolution the window is at, so you can set it to whatever you want using SRWE, etc.


Xaxi: Download

"The version of Xaxi here has been remastered a little, as the original source got corrupted somehow, but it should still fit your needs! Free flight camera included, and you can press E to dump a high res (8x whatever resolution you're on) to Data/Screenshots. However, this doesn't play nicely at all with the post-processing I'm afraid, so it'll have to be a last resort! Hopefully your usual tools work."


Hunting Anubis: Download

"As for Anubis, the way the scripting is done means I haven't been able to add a free-flight camera yet, so I've made a simplified flight control system that should work almost as well. Bots are included and will play the game as if nothing has been changed in case you want shots of them. You can remove them by pressing P (One removed each press), and you can add more if you want to watch them fight with O."


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