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[GUIDE] Dark Souls



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    Aspect ratio for custom resolutions

    Download Widescreen Fixer unpack and open plugins folder. Delete Plugin.Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.dll.
    Download new plugin and simple copy in plugins folder.
    Now Widescreen fixer works correct with latest Steam Dark Souls version

  • Niiiiiiice! Now let's hope it works in concert with SweetFX and DSFix so you can still use that to capture the game at zany resolutions.
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    Midhras said:

    Niiiiiiice! Now let's hope it works in concert with SweetFX and DSFix so you can still use that to capture the game at zany resolutions.

    Everything works only if you have one monitor be sure to set 1 "display count " in Widescreen Fixer

  • Now that I've finished the game....

    OH well :)
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    Now that I've finished the game....

    OH well :)

    :) ... This plugin is older but i found it only today. I got it from here

  • Now that I've finished the game....

    OH well :)

    This is exactly what kept me waiting. I'll give it a go before GFWL bugs out.

  • Has someone problem with crash after using timestop ? If is timestop set too long (1 min. or more) game crash. Is little frustrating if I want do shot and I must be hurry.
  • Yeah, it does that. Tends to be worse in the more spectacular areas, too. Think fast!
  • It's GFWL problem. When playing offline so it does not crash
  • I ONLY played offline. And boy did it crash.
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    In April next year the 1.10 update will be released with new content alongside a "next-gen" version of the game for PS4 and XBO and on PC it will be in the form of a DX11 version of the game.

    There are some restrictions however going by this info:
    Relevant footnotes:

    - Last-gen and new-gen versions use different game servers.
    - Last-gen and new-gen versions are not compatible for online matchmaking. (PS3 to PS4 matchmaking is not supported)
    - You cannot transfer save data from last-gen to new-gen.
    - You cannot upgrade the Windows (DirectX9) version to the Windows (DirectX11) version.

    In the press release they also specify very clearly that "last-gen" refers specifically to the PS3, 360, and DX9 versions, while "new-gen" refers to the PS4, XBO, and DX11 versions. No confusion.

    EDIT: Damn, wrong Dark Souls game, whoops.

    But this game will also see a update but from Live to Steamworks sometime early next year. :)

    EDIT: Edited the post a bit.
  • WTF Dark Souls DX11 release? Yuss.
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    The patch that changes LIVE to Steamworks is now available.


    And it seems they accidentally included debug mode so if you're quick you might be able to grab that exe and back it up for later use, ha ha.

    EDIT: From reading the NeoGaf thread the update breaks DSFix but turning off the framerate fix in it's ini file makes it compatible again.
  • I know it's not the right topic, but it is the closest one i could fine where i could post this question.

    Is there a way to do time stop in Dark Souls 2? I searched high and low and I could not find an answer.
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    Short answer: no

    Long answer: Well.... no. Not really. The way we usually do timestop with cheat engine is to either scan for pause states OR for game speed when the game does slow motion. Dark Souls 2 has neither of those.

    Durante hacked timestop into DSFix for DS1, so I asked him about DS2. He looked into using the same method, but it doesn't work in DS2 as the game has a minimum timestep coded in.

    HattiWatti (author of the various frostbite cinematic tools) suggested a few ways of looking into it, but I really can't be bothered to spend any more time on that game.
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