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[GUIDE] Dark Souls

You probably know what this is if you've ever thought about playing Dark Souls on PC.
Download the latest version here

You'll want to configure some hotkeys to make your life easier. They go in DSfixKeys.ini. Here are the ones that I use:
toggleAA VK_F3
toggleDofGauss VK_F4
toggleVSSAO VK_F5
reloadGAUSSEffect VK_F6
reloadSSAOEffect VK_F7
toggleBorderlessFullscreen VK_F8
togglePaused VK_F9
toggleCursorVisibility VK_F10
togglePaused = timestop. That will let you pause the game and then use the free camera to find your best screenshot angle.

Free Camera - Cheat Engine table for latest steam version
Download the table
1. Run the game. Load your character.
2. Open the table and click "yes" when asked to run the LUA script (or click "no" and manually point to DATA.exe)
3. Click the box next to "DISABLE Xlive Cheat Detection" and wait for the X to appear (will take a second or two)
4. Click [Enable Main Table]
5. Go back to the game

Using the free camera
Enable \ Disable = Page up \ Page Down
Numpad 8 and 2 = Increase \ Decrease Y coordinate
Numpad 6 and 4 = Increase \ Decrease X coordinate
Numpad 9 and 3 = Increase \ Decrease Z coordinate

-> When the game is timestopped, you must use arrow keys to rotate the camera. You'll get used to it.
-> When the game is not paused, your character can run around. Camera rotation can be handled via joystick or mouse (yuck)

Coordinates can be tricky since they're not based on where you're facing.

Numpad 0 = Toggle FOV override
Numpad (+) and (-) = Increase \ Decrease

Light mod hotkeys.
Press semi-colon to toggle. This basically removes teh color profile attached to any scene and allows you to adjust the light and color tones yourself. You'll see the settings expand in the table when enabled.
[ ] = adjusts light
ALT + [ ] = adjusts darks
CTRL + [ ] = adjusts saturation.
You'll want to tweak them individually though to get the color grading you want. You'll see what I mean if you play with it. Hard to explain.

Other Stuff
* The CE table is full of just about everything under the sun. To make things easier, you can enable a ton of different cheats.
* Expand [Hero's Stats] to modify.... your stats. You can give yourself a floppityjillion souls, too.
* Expand [Misc Stuff] to force Human state (change hollow visual to 0, hollow state to 1)
* You can change your bonfire location (where you spawn after you die) too. Find the values by enabling [Toggle Table Info Window]
* You can change your equipped items to anything in the game. To swap out gear, expand [Equipped Item values] and replace the Value for the slot you want replaced with the ID of the item you want. Here is a spreadsheet that has all the IDs of every piece of gear in the game.

-> There's a ton in there and I haven't seen\used it all. Look around. Experiment. Assign hotkeys to things you use more frequently.

Widescreen Fixer plugin for Dark Souls
In order to enable custom aspect ratios, you're going to have to download WideScreen Fixer v662 and a plugin built specifically for the most recent (as of 2015.03.03) Steamworks enabled build of Dark Souls. You'll also need the most recent version of DSfix, that will work with the Steamworks version of the game.

Simply install WSF v662, drop the plugin in the plugins folder. Start the program (don't allow it to update; you can disable WSF checking for updates in the Settings tab), and then start Dark Souls using a custom resolution via DSfix. Profit.

Maybe consider donating something if you're going to use it. The game has been long since released, and Helifax specifically had to recode the plugin to work with the new build of the game.
You can get both WSF v662 and the plugin from this page.



  • You know we love you now, don't you? You do, right? And once I find out what AOB is I'll love you even more, no doubt.
  • edited February 2014
    AOB = array of bytes.

    Your average cheat engine hack goes like this. :
    1. You find the address in memory that you want to change. Let's say our address holds the FOV.
    2. You need a way to grab that address in CE each time you boot up the game. Problem is, addresses change when you reboot a game. So you have 2 options:
        a. Use pointers. Pointers are used to reference changing addresses. These will no longer correctly point to your address after a patch and aren't very reliable (Enslaved table uses pointers).
        b. Use a code hook. Basically, find a line of code that writes to the address you want. The address for a line of code will stay the same when you close\open a game, but they change after a patch (DmC table uses code hooks to find player coordinates).

    The only thing that remains consistent between patches are the bytes that act as a signature for the code you're trying to find. So to find the camera coordinates, I do this:

    aobscan(getCamera, F3 0F 7E 40 38 66 0F D6 47 38 F3 0F 10 8B x x x x F3) (finds the array of bytes, gets the address the array starts at, and stores that address in a variable called "getCamera")

    So after a patch, even though the address for the code I'm using to get the camera coordinates may change, the unique array of bytes that are attached to that code remain the same. The X's are wildcards and are bytes that refer to a static address that might change.

    So basically, by using AOB scans to build my scripts, I'll have CE tables that work after patches. It's not a concern for Dark Souls because I think FROM has stopped supporting it. But I did it anyway because I need practice. I also did it for my AC3 table and for a few things in the AC4 table.
  • edited February 2014
    Any tips for tweaking this gauss shader thing? I'm doing the spider lady battle at the moment and it's just too darn dark. Upping the brightness or using the light volume mod washes it out. The gauss shader affects the brightness of the DoF, right?

    Wait, nvm. Thought it was an engine thing but it's a SweetFX setting, yes?

    EDIT: Actually, I do have a question. Why can't I cast spells like Soul Arrow even though I have them equipped? What am I missing? The character just looks at the weapon all gormless like.
  • edited February 2014
    The guass shader won't help you there I don't think. It effects the brightness where DOF kicks in.

    The light mod will work. You need to tweak the settings. Increasing the bottom 3 values will intensif the darks. Increasing the top 3 will add more "light." So for the spider boss fight, you should definitely increase those darks. I started at 1.1 and then tweaked them individually to get the color grading where I want it. I actually do this for almost every damn scene in the game now. It's kinda fun.

    I thought this shot was a decent balance, but you can still tweak the settings to make it darker:

  • That's pretty nice actually. Cheers for the tip. I added another Q to that post, btw.
  • edited February 2014
    djh_ said:

    That's pretty nice actually. Cheers for the tip. I added another Q to that post, btw.

    Sorry, missed that. There are 3 schools of magic in this game. Pyromancy, sorcery, and miracles. Each requires a specific weapon type.

    Soul arrow is sorcery which requires a catalyst. They're basically staves. I've been using Beatrice's Catalyst, as seen here:


    Soul arrow is pretty underwhelming visually. It's like a little blue orb. The more interesting spells in this game are hard to find. Not sure how to cheat them.
  • Homing Crystal Soulmass
  • Has anyone tried Asmodean's shaders for this?
  • .Natty did.
  • What shaders did he do? Durante included his VSSAO2 but that's all I know of.
  • He quadrupled the bloom or somesuch.
  • edited February 2014
    Why didn't anyone tell me Seath was so gorgeous?


    Yeah, I changed the image.
  • Just a heads-up: that won't be the last time you encounter him.
  • Does the Gaping Dragon come back at all? The lighting in some screenshots I've seen seems way better than in Depths.
  • Nope, it doesn't. You kill it and it's gone. In fact if I remember correctly, only the Taurus demon comes back (in force!) as well as Seath. Oh yeah, also the Capra demon. Or should I say Capra demons?
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