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DeadEndKicks - Show us some good music



  • It's a strong album all around. I quite enjoy the layered vocals and wistful electronics.
  • I'm so out of the loop when it comes to music nowadays. Just stick Appetite For Destruction on loop and I'm a happy man.
  • We're living in the era of The Long Tail, i.e. there is no loop.
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    Hard to choose but here is a top 4 (yes, because I do not like odd numbers) of what I listen ^^


    image image
  • That Perturbator video was out of this world.
  • Midhras said:

    That Perturbator video was out of this world.

    Absolutely agree, this music is just outside the norms.
    And besides speaking of "outside the norms", here's another artist of Darksynth absolutely outside the norms :

  • I didn't much care for the music, honestly. Not that it was bad. The visuals totally drew me in though.
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    ...and again =)


  • image


  • No words, just beautiful strings.

    And here as well. If you don't like the vocals (I wouldn't blame you), just skip to 2:13. It's worth it.

  • I liked those strings. Vocals I didn't mind either. Good to hear some stuff you like, as well as something that isn't techno or electro for a change.

  • if the game was only half as good as the OST
  • Gotta keep awake for games tonight. Need to finish Alien: Isolation!
    (ROCK it hard)

    Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World
  • Some selections from a pretty cool mix I like. Full (free) DL, it's put together from stuff on soundcloud.

    chillout - electronic - drum and bass

    Morgan Zarate - Pusher Taker

    Eagles for Hands - Peaks

    Zes - Breaking

    Liar - Vesper

    Volor Flex & Encode - Altiplano
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