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DeadEndKicks - Show us some good music



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  • And now I want to watch Monsters again.
  • The recent server woes have caused quite some pictures to be removed on this and the last page, sadly. I'll reupload, but could you do the same Duncan? There we're a few I wanted to check out with just titles on the image.
  • Monolake? Nooice

    this is mostly how I roll:

    ..but really I can appreciate any sort of music as long as it isn't made for purely commercial reasons
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    Man, so many good stuff here :) It's a pain to search all the names manually if you just paste a cover in here though.

    Some of my "rough" stuff.

    image image

    image image

    And a couple tracks i found in my really old youtube playlist

    image image

    And just because

  • Good point. You can draw the image into google though, and it'll link you. But next time I'll include links directly. But... where to? Youtube? Bandcamp? Artist sites?

  • looks like i'm not the only one who likes video game soundtracks as much as other mainstream music
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    kx11 said:

    looks like i'm not the only one who likes video game soundtracks as much as other mainstream music

    Video game music is some of my favorite.

    (NieR Soundtrack - Gods Bound by Rules)
  • Nier OST is in my car's mp3 player

  • Crysis 3 - mastermind theme

    Lost Odyssey - A Mighty Enemy Appears (Boss Battle Theme)

    KOF 97 - The Origin of Mind

    this is not related to video games but a clam music from a Japanese flute artist

    Sojiro - The Great Yellow River

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    Aah, good old game soundtracks. Lost Odyssey's Soundterack sounds pretty good! :) And of course.. the Crysis 3 OST by Hans Zimmer. Just awesome. Love almost all of his stuff.
    edit: Ok.. Crysis 3 Soundtrack is NOT from Hans Zimmer. That explains why i didn't like this track so much. Crysis 2 Soundtrack was by Hans Zimmer though.

    L.A. Noire Soundtrack
    image image

    Remember Me
    image image

    Alan Wake
    image image

    Dear Esther
    image image
  • Wait, you're dropping Alan Wake without this track.

    Yeah, I'm watching True Detective.
  • Midhras said:

    Wait, you're dropping Alan Wake without this track.

    Why isn't that track on my OST album !?

    Some pretty cool music videos i found on a blog recently.
    image image

    image image

    Vimeo ( Can't use the embed code here sadly)
    King Krule - 'Lizard State'
    Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots
    GARNIER - Revenge of The Lol Cat
    RJD2 // Descended From Myth
  • Thanks for these guys, some really interesting sounds. Hadn't listened to much '80's inspired music until playing FarCry 3 Blood Dragon recently and loving the OST. Powerglove is now definitely on my radar.

    Currently listening to Lazerhawk - Redline at work to make the time fly. Thanks for recommending it.
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